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The top ten is

1. Peyton Manning

2. Tom brady

3. Drew Brees

4. Kurt Warner

5. Ben Roethleserger

6. Phillip Rivers

7. Brett Favre

8. Aaron Rodgers

9. Joe Flacco

10. David Garrard

And that is only this year which is 2009

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Statistically, Drew Brees was the best quarterback in 2009 and his team won the Super Bowl. I would give him the edge until proven otherwise.

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Q: Best quarter back in the NFL in 2010?
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Who is 2009-2010's NFL best Quarter Back?

The best quarterback of the 2009-2010 NFL season was Drew Brees of the New Oleans Saints. He led them to their first super bowl victory, and held the best quarter back rating and led touchdowns for the season as well.

Who is the best quarter back in NFL?


Is Aaron Rodgers the best quarter Back in the nfl?


Who is the best quarter back?

The Best Quarter back is Drew Brees, He has one the most MVP's through out the season's he has been in the NFL. Also he has broken the record for the most complete catches in NFL history.

Who is the best full back in the nfl in 2010?

Mike tolbert san Diego chargers !

Who is the toughest quarter back in the NFL?

Brett favre

Who is the greatest NFL quarter back?

joe Montana

Who is the biggest quarter back in NFL history?

big ben

What is the best game in the NFL?

the best game in the NFL was the super bowl in the 2007 season when the giants came back to defeat the patriots in the 4th quarter. Even though I'm a pats fan it was a really good game

Is Peyton Manning the highest paid NFL quarter back?


Is christian ponder good quarter back?

this is a question that cannot be answered right now for the nfl level anyway i guess he was good in college and with good work ethic has the potential to be a good nfl quarter back

Is Tom Brady the best quarter in the NFL?

no maybe Peyton maning