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Nick Price and Greg Norman hold the course record, 63.

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2009-05-16 02:17:15
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Q: Best lowest round score at masters?
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What was Tiger Woods golf score for first round at the Masters in August?

2010 it was 68, his best opening round ever at The Masters.

What was ben hogans best score in the masters?

4 round total of 280.

What is the best score a golfer can get?

In theory, the lowest possible score is 1 * the number of holes played (18 for a full round). Practically, the lowest competitive round recorded is 58.

What is the best score in the masters?

The tournament record is 270 (-18) by Tiger Woods in 1997. The course record is 63, shot by Nick Price (3rd round 1986) and Greg Norman (1st round 1996).

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What is the best you can get in golf?

Technically 18. Realistically 54 would be the lowest round, that is 18 birdies, one on each hole.

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In the 2010 masters what was Phil Mickelson's best hole?

In the 2010 Masters he was 6 under par for the 13th hole over the four rounds. Although his most memorable hole would probably be 14 where he holed his approach in round 3 for eagle.

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