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Virendra Sehwag.

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Q: Best batting average in test cricket?
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Who has the highest batting average in Test cricket?

Sir Donald Bradman has the highest career batting average in Test cricket. His batting average is 99.94

Who has the best average in test cricket?

DG Bradman (Aus) is the best and average cricket in the world

Who has the second highest batting average in test cricket?

Vvs laxman

What was Sir Donald Bradman's Test Cricket batting average?


What is Greg Chappell's batting average?

Greg Chappell's batting average in test cricket is 53.86; in First class cricket it is 52.20; and in One-Day Internationals it is 40.18.

Who has the best average in cricket history?

Batsman having Best Average in Test Cricket History is Sir. Donald Bradman with 99.99% of average.!!!!!!!!!1

Who has the best career bowling average in test cricket?

malcom marshall

What is Sir Don Bradman's cricketing average?

The Don's batting average in Test Matches was 99.94, which is truly exceptional. His batting average in all first class cricket matches was "only" 95.14. Having an average over 50 is the sign of a great test cricketer, and to double that, and be so far ahead of the next best puts Bradman on his own in the pantheon of cricket. Not to mention to have probably his best years interrupted by WW2.

What is Don Bradman's test cricket average?

99.94 which is the highest ever test cricket average.

Who has the highest test average in Indian cricket?

the highest test average wassachin tendulkar in Indian cricket

Who is the best all-rounder in test cricket?

Michael clark is the best all rounder in test cricket .

What was sir Donald bradman's test batting average?

Test batting average of 99.94

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