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Kobe Zoom IV or Hyperdunks

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Q: Best basketball shoes for quickness
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Are kobe s basketball?

If you are referring to Kobe shoes then yes they are basketball shoes they are some of the best basketball shoes in the NBA today

What are ninja shoes?

ninja shoes are shoes that are designed for ninjas flexibility and quickness. :)

What Nike Basketball shoes are the best bang for the buck?

combat shoes

What is the best brand of basketball shoes?

in my opinion converse shoes are the best court shoes

is nike the bset for basketball shoes?

Basketball is a great sport and having the right shoes is very important. Nike is the best brand for basketball shoes but Adidas is a great second choice.

What are best shoes for playing basketball on asphalt?


What are the best basketball shoes for an athletic shooting guard?

Nike shoes are the way to go.

What shoes are the best to play basketball in?

JORDENS are of course by far the best basketball shoes.

where is the best place on line to buy cheap basketball shoes?

The cheapest place to buy basketball shoes online is at This website has a great selection and will offer you the lowest prices for the best quality.

Does it matter what kind of shoes you wear in basketball?

The kind of shoes you should wear for basketball are basketball shoes.

What footwear should you wear to play basketball?

The best footwear would actually be basketball shoes. Basketball shoes have "high tops" so that they go over your ankles to prevent hem from rolling.

What is the best basketball shoe out?

The new Nike Lebron shoes are certainly the best basketball shoes ever. They are the best combination of style and performance made by Nike. If you want to know more about it them, view the related link below.

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