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Lin Dan is the best player in the world now, he've won almost every single champion nowadays.

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Q: Best badminton player in the world?
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Who is the world's best badminton male player?

mr bean have you not heard

Who is the best badminton player?


Why did the inventor create badminton for?

because badminton is the best sport in the world

Who is a better badminton player Park Joo Bong or Rexy Mainaky?

Answerpark joo bong but the absolute best is Lin Dan from China. Lin Dan is ranked the world's best men's singles badminton player

Who is the best British badminton player?

Nathan Robertson

Who is the second best badminton player?

Lloyd escoses

Who are the best badminton player in Philippines?

the answer is cmille patron

Who is the most popular badminton player from Malaysia and in Malaysia?

The curently World no 2. badminton singels Lee Chong Wei. He is a talented badminton player in Malaysia.

Who is the first badminton player in the world?

rudy hartano

Which badminton player won the bronze medal at the world badminton championship in 2013?

Andy Murray

Who is the words best badminton player?

lee chong wei

Best badminton player of India?

Shaheem Radiasha from Delhi

Who are the best men double badminton player?

Markis kido

Which is the best female badminton player in India?

saina nehwal

Who is the best Male Badminton Player of India?

Prakash Padukone

Who is the India's best woman badminton player?

Saina Nehwal

Who is the world gymnastics champion?

jessel lampasa-she is a badminton player...

Who is world number two badminton player?

taufik hidayat

Who is the No. 1 female badminton player in the world?

Lacey McAdams

What is a badminton player?

A badminton player is a person who plays badminton, either professionally or for pleasure.

Who is the best badminton player of India?

Gangotri singh bisht guyt

What are the rules for badminton?

the rules for badminton is to hit the shuttlecock, and don't throw it over the net if your not that good at it. And if you aren't good at it then keep practicing until you get good. I know a badminton player myself she is the most best badminton player in Denmark! I'm not lying.

How do you be a best badminton player?

get the best coach, lots and lots of practice, and a good fitness regime

What is the meaning of seed in badminton?

A seed in badminton means a badminton player .

Lady World no 1 in badminton singles ranking?

As of Dec 2010, the top ranked player in women badminton is Xin Wang.