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Q: Benefits of trade between Canada and other countries?
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What other countries are close to the United States besides Mexico and Canada?

The United States is between Mexico and Canada

What is canada's nearest neighbor to the north?

There are no other countries between Canada and the north pole.

Does Canada import trucks?

No Canada does not import trucks to other countries however it does import other goods from its countries.

Does Canada have ambassador's to other countries?

Yes. Canada has had ambassadors to other countries since the early 1930's.

Does Canada sell diamonds to other countries?

Generally, countries are not in the diamond business. However, diamonds mined in Canada are sold to companies with headquarters in other countries.

What is the distance between Canada and the US?

The US and Canada border each other, so it would depend on where you start from and where you go to.

How is Canada involved in the world trade organization?

Most of these agreements have and share benefits which encourage free trade, there purpose is to increase trade between member countries, and increase trade in it's own country allowing Canada or any other nation to become more dependent on selling products to the United States.

How are some ways countries benefit from voluntary trading with each other?

There are benefits to voluntary trading between countries. This can lead to financial success for both countries in various products, as well as giving both countries an ally.

Coming into effect in 1994 nafta encourage free trade between the US and which two other countries?

Canada and Mexico

Who is part of the WHO?

canada and lots of other countries

How does Canada help other countries with medical relief?

Canada helps many countries with aid after large disasters.

How does Eric Lamaze affect Canada by competing in other countries?

canada! dummies!