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Milwaukee County Stadium

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Q: Before miller park opened where did the brewers play?
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What year did Milwaukee Brewers miller park stadium open?

It opened on April 6th 2001

When was miller park opened?

Miller Park opened in 2001.

What is the music used at Miller Park right before the Brewers have their first at bat?

Burn It to the Ground by Nickelback.

Where is the Brewers Stadium?

Miller Park (the brewers stadium) is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

When do the brewers play?

The Milwaukee Brewers began playing in 1970 and they called Milwaukee County Stadium their home through the 2000 season. In 2001, Miller Park opened and that is currently where the team plays their home games.

Where do the brewers play baseball?

miller park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Is the a stadium in or near Milwaukee?

Miller park. Home of the Brewers.

Does the brewers own miller park?

No Miller park is owned by the city of milwaukee. Tax payers paid for the stadium to be built. If the brewers were to leave the stadium they would not be able to take the stadium with them!

Who pitched the first game at miller park?

for the brewers....Jeff D'Amico

When is the Brewers 2011 home opener at miller park?

it was in April, 2011.

Have the White Sox ever played a regular season game against the Brewers in Miller Park?

no they have not. Brewers were in the national league before it was built and interleague play has not matched up the 2 divisions they play in

What do you mean by brewers?

the Milwaukee Brewers, the best baseball team in the NL Central. Go Brew Crew the Milwaukee Brewers ARE in the NL central.they are located at Milwaukee,Wisconsin. And their park name is MIller Park.