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Free divers do but Scuba divers do not need to. Scuba divers take their air with them and would have no need to hyperventilate.

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Q: Before a diver dives will he will take a deep breath or hyperventilate?
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What is the Relationship between adventure dives advanced open water diver course dives and specialty diver courses?

Read the book instead of looking online for the answers

How does a person fish for pearls?

a diver dives to depth o 100 feet or more on a SINGLE breath, grabs as many oysters and does this many times until you find a parl

Why do sea divers wear specially designed clothes?

For shallow dives in cold climates, they are to keep the diver warm. For deep dives, they are to protect the diver from the cold and high pressure and to provide a supply of oxygen.

How many years does scuba diver?

4 years 200 dives dive master

How much time does a scuba diver spend under water?

It depends on how deep the diver goes, and what air blend the diver is breathing. There are dive tables that state how long a diver can stay at a certain depth before requiring decompression. The basic recreational diver typically breathes either air or Nitrox. There are separate dives tables for air and Nitrox.

What are some examples of a gainer in the Olympics?

In the Olympics, a 'gainer' refers to a type of diving. 'Gainer' dives are also known as 'reverse' dives, and involve the diver performing somersaults in the air while diving.

How do you score diving?

Diving is scored on a scale of one to ten with ten being the best. three judges score the diver. after all of the dives are completed, the diver's scores are added up and compared with the other athletes.

Can you get dive wing with Sora and riku on kingdom hearts 3d?

Yes, get an A rank (gold diver) on all 7 dives with a character to unlock it

What is the average depth for the average scuba diver?

No such thing.. it depends what you want to see, what your abilities are, who you are diving with, I taught a diver trained him to 40 metres, and now he paints fish, and dives in a river at the back of his garden at 2 metres!!

What is a diving block?

A diving block is a mental block the stops the diver from being able to do a certain aspect of diving such as the hurdle or twisting dives or most common are reverse dives. this happens in many other sports to such as pole-vaulting or gymnastics.

What are the technical terms for dives?

Dives are catagorized in the following ways. Forwards the diver faces forwards towards the water at the start of the dive and rotates in that direction. backwards the diver faces away from the water at the start of the dive and rotates backwards towards the water reverse the diver faces forwards towards the water at the start of the dive and rotates backwards after tajke off. Inwards the diver faces away from the water at the start of the dive and rotates farwards towards the board after take off Twisting Any dive that involves a twist so you can have any of the above dives with an added twist handstand a dive off the platform 5metres 7 metres or ten metres that starts in a hand stand position.

How long can a Harbor Porpoise hold its breath?

The maximum amount of time a harbor porpoise can hold its breath for is unknown. There have been observations of these marine mammals holding their breath for over 5 minutes during dives.

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