Batting in softball

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-Walk to the left or right (depending on what side your better on) in the batters box

-If shes a slow pitcher stand in front of the home plate (don't get out of the batters box!)

-If shes a fast picter scut behind the home plate (don't get out of the batters box!)

-If you can hit off her and shes your type of pitcher stand in the middle (don't get out of the batters box!)

Right sided:

1. Walk to the batters box and make sure your not to far/close to the plate and get where you will hit the ball and bend knees (kind of like sqaute except not so down)

2.your left foot should slightly pointed inside towards your left foot (but not to much, just enough to where you can feel the weight.) Your left foot (back foot) should be pointing towards home plate.

3. Point bat up like '/' my coach always said you can remember by doing that is t (make sure your arms make a v and are not tense, relax)

4.The pitch is coming what do you do,make sure its coming knee-waist that's the strike zone anything above/below that is called a ball.

5. if its a strike lift up your left/front foot foot and as soon as your foot is back on the ground start to swing

6. don't pull bat back when batting everything goes forward, no negative motion

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Q: Batting in softball
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