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If the Home Plate Umpire rules that the batter did not attempt to avoid being hit, batter does not get the pass to first base.

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Q: Batter gets hit by pitch but doesnt move?
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If there was NO wild pitch and the batter receives a walk can he advance on to second base before the next pitch?

Not unless the next batter gets a walk as well. Runners can only move on base hits or walks.

Does a batter have to try to get out of the way of a pitch?

No you don't have to. The pitcher will get upset and the batter will be stung but if you are going to be hit and you don't move, it is considered hit by pitch.

What is the ruling if a pitched ball bounces before it hits the batter - slide1?

When a pitch is made, at any time the pitch hits the batter, it is considered a base on balls (walk) unlessthe ball is in the strike zone (and hasn't touched the ground)the batter makes no attempt to move out of the wayIf the batter makes no attempt to move out of the way the pitch is just ruled a ball. But if it is ball 4, then the batter is awarded the walk.

What happens when the batter gets hit by the pitch while trying to bunt?

Just because a batter spins to avoid the pitch and in doing so happens to move his bat across the plate does not mean that he swung at or attempted to hit the pitch - even if the bat passes completely over the plate. If the pitch is not in the strike zone and if the umpire judges that the batter was attempting to avoid getting hit rather than attempting to bunt at (or swing at) the pitch, he is hit by the pitch. The ball is dead and the batter is entitled to first base. If the umpire ruled that he was attempting to strike at the pitch when the pitch hit him, the ball is dead and the pitch is ruled a strike. No runners can advance. If the pitch is in the strike zone when the batter is hit, then the ball is dead and the pitch is ruled a strike. No runners can advance.

On an attempted squeeze play runner on 3rd base is trying to steal home batter is hit by the pitch is the runner entitled to score or is he asked to return to 3rd base?

When a batter gets hit by a pitch the runner or runners must go back to their base unless they have to move to forcefully move. now with a base on balls the runner can still steal the base

What is a bunt that allows a baserunner to move to the next base while the batter gets out?

A sacrifice bunt.

If a batter holds the bat over the plate and does not swing or move the bat when pitch is thrown is it a strike?

That is considered a strike.

What would get you a walk in baseball?

If the pitcher throws four "balls", the batter is awarded first base (a "walk"). Sometimes, the batter is intentionallywalked as a strategic move. And if the pitcher hits the batter with a pitch, the batter is awarded first base, although that is not usually called a walk.

What is the least number of pitches a pitcher can throw in a baseball game?

Zero. If a pitcher delays the pitch or if the pitcher does an illegal move the umpire is to award the batter a ball. Done 4 consecutive times the batter is awarded 1st base. If then the Pitcher picks the runner off, the first out is recorded with no pitch being thrown. Also if a batter delays the umpire is to issue the batter a strike done three consecutive times the batter would be called out. So it is possible to record an out with no pitch being thrown. Repeat for each out of each inning. Likely the answer that is being looked for is one pitch for each out of th game 27.

Does a batter have to move when a runner is stealing third?

No, under the rules of general baseball the batter is never required to move from the batter's box on a steal attempt, even if the attempt is at home. Some leagues may require the batter to move for safety though

Does the batter have to move out of the way when third base is stolen?

If the batter remains in the batters box he is not required to move. In some instances it might be best not to move, as if you do move and then interfer with the catcher or the throw, you will be called for interference

If you stretch a string will the pitch get higher?

yes because, as the string gets tighter it will be harder for the string to move

If a catcher hits a batter with the ball while trying to throw a runner out at third is the runner out?

If the batter showed signs of trying to move out of the way to give the catcher a clear lane to throw then neither the batter or the runner it out. If the batter did not move at all to provide the catcher a throwing lane, then the batter is out, but the runner is safe.

A part that does not move in pulley?

if it is a fixed pulley, itself doesnt move. If it is a rotating pulley, its joint probably doesnt move.

Does that mean a guy don't want a relationship if he gets nervous to move on to the next level?

no, not always it can mean he just doesnt wanna get hurt or

Why does the batter in baseball ask for a new ball if the ball hits the ground?

Because the ball usually gets scuffed up when it hits the ground and then the pitcher can use this scuffed up ball to throw pitches that move eratically and make it harder for the batter to hit the ball.

Does th batter have to attempt to move from the batters box if a runner is stealing from second to third?

No the batter has to make no effort to move out of the batters box, because most of the time it would have been a swing and a miss, and the catcher will go around the batter too make the throw, and usually the batter will stay in the box as an obstacle to the catcher.

Is it obstruction if the batter doesn't move when the runner is stealing home?


Does a batter have to move from the batters box when a runner on third steals home or can he just stand there and let the runner slide between his legs?

you would have to be really far up in the box... i think the batter has to move

What happens to the pitch when you move towards a a speaker?

The pitch increases when you move towards the speaker.

Can batter stay in batter's box during a pick off play?

Yes, but the coach won't like it. After every move a pitcher does, it's good practice for the batter to step at least one leg out of the box to regain composure and focus. As long as he has one foot out of the box, the pitcher can't pitch.

Does a batter have to give up the batter box on a steal of home plate?

The batter is never required to leave the box on a steal attempt even if this is at home. Now some leagues might require the batter to move for safety, and it would probably be a good idea to move if you are the batter and right handed, as you will probably only get in the way of your teammate --- however, if you are in the batters box and stand still you cannot be called out for interference... now if you do the opposite, and move out of the box and make contact with a defender, you can be called out for interference, even if you are trying to get out of the way

Does batter have to move out of way for runner to steal second base?

no as long as the batter i the batters box and not on home plate he can remain in the batters box even if the baserunner is stealing third the catcher would have to move to throw it.

Does batter have to move when ball is popped up over the batters box?


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