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Q: Bat Rolling - Is it possible to do it yourself?
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Which is better perpendicular or parallel bat rolling?

Which is better, perpendicular or parallel bat rolling, will depend on the type of bat you are rolling. If you are rolling an aluminum bat parallel bat rolling is better.

How do I build a bat rolling machine?

I need the drawing on how to build a bat rolling machine and material type

What would be better a rolling bat bag or a bat back pack?

A rolling bat bag. i am an experienced player and it is a lot easier on your back

Is a ball fair if a bat keeps it from rolling foul?

if the bat is in fair terriotory then yes.

Is rolling a little league bat considered tampering or altering?

That does nothing to help the bat.

What is bat rolling?

Check out They have ALL the answers.

Who sells Shaved Bats?

BigDawg Bat Rolling Does!

Can you knock in your puma pulse cricket bat with a rolling pin?

No, that's not a good use for a rolling pin

Rolling softball bat?

Try I've had great luck with them

Does bat rolling increase distance?

Try I've had great luck with them

How do you knock out yourself?

Hit yourself on the head with a baseball bat hard!

Can an end loaded softball bat be rolled?

Yes, they can be rolled after being end loaded. When you roll a bat you are rolling the sweet spot not the entire length of the barrel.