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Basketball is one of the best sports if you want a great cardio workout. It helps you with agility, hand-eye coordination, quick thinking, and helps with weight loss.

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Q: Basketball helps you how?
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Does math helps basketball?

Yes! Math helps develop your concentration skills and in basketball, you need them.

How does the grip on a basketball effect how you play?

well it helps because the grip of the ball helps you to hold on to it

What are the advantage or disadvantage in basketball?

advantage-it helps to grow our height

What spin helps a basketball go in the net?

Backwards spin

When people play basketball what part of there body it helps?


How many meters in a basketball court?

A basketball court is 28 meters long and it is 24meters wide! :) Hope this helps!

Why does playing basketball increase your height?

Because basketball requires a lot of jumping, and jumping helps stimulate growth.

What are positive aspects of basketball?

basketball is a good sport. it helps you stay active and healthy. it is a great sport for anybody

How does basketball affect the us today?

Helps college kids graduate

Why balance in basketball?

It helps you stay on your toes when you do crossovers and soon moves

What did Kobe Bryant do in 2003?

He played basketball. Hope that helps :D

What is the area of a backboard in basketball?

72" x 42" found answer @ this website hope it helps moemix

What sport will make you lean?

Basketball, it helps your hand-eye cordination and stamina.

What is the normal pressure found in a basketball?

I think that the normal pressure in a typical basketball is 55kPa (kilopascals). I may be wrong, but i think this is right. Hope that helps!

What is the forward in basketball?

in basketball the forward is usually one of the tallest players on a team his or her job is to mostly get the rebounds and get close range shots HOPE THIS HELPS!!!

What's good about being in the basketball team?

You get more physically fit , and it helps your confidece.

Why are legs so important for basketball?

it is important because it helps you shoot a ball in the hoop

What is a simile for being bored? bored as a basketball player at a baseball game! Hope that helps! :)

How did basketball help people today?

well it helps us because it is a joy playing it and it is great exercise by running up and down the court YEAH FOR BASKETBALL

Can i grow my height by playing basketball?

Though it might seem like playing basketball helps you grow taller since most basketball players are tall, that is not the case. Playing basketball does not affect your height any more then any other sport activity.

Who holds the most ncaa tournament wins in basketball mens?

Ucla with 11 hope it helps

What is basketball good for?

it is very good exercise and helps with health related skill components and for dancing

How is basketball good for your bodies?

Basketball is good for our bodies because it helps us get excercise, and keeps us fit. Basketball also strengthens our hand eye coordination. And (my favorite reason), it helps us get all of our anger out when passing the ball to someone or shooting a hoop (Kiera Knightley swished into the net with a BANG!!). :0)

Does cross country or football get you more ready for your freshman basketball season?

All it does is get your cardio up, so yes, it helps you get in shape which is one thing you need for basketball.

Will basketball help big muscles for kids?

i think that basketball does help your mucles because bouncing the ball and running back and forth on the court helps your mucles grow