Basic skills of lawn tennis

Updated: 9/27/2023
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"Lawn tennis" was the name by which tennis was previously known worldwide, as it was always originally seen as a game to be played on grass.

Even today, the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world - Wimbledon - remains played on grass.

As for skills relative to it:

It was generally stated that the most important 3 shots in lawn tennis were:

The serve

The First volley, and

The Return of serve.

Due to the fact that it is considered a skimming, "fast surface" ... that the ball stays low, with the occasional bad bounce, it is usually believed that the best style of play on this surface is the typical "serve and volley game".

As such, the "basic skills in lawn tennis" are serving and volleying.

Because the ball skims through off the grass fast and low, sliced ground stroke shots are also as useful as the top spin - more commonly employed today, and the ball is played low over the net most of the time.

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the basic skills are forehand, backhand , serve , smash, top spin, slice. the other things you will learn by your tutor.

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In order to be good at lawn tennis you must have good coordination. You must be able to locate the ball and swing through in order to score.

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Lawn tennis requires hand/eye coordination skills. A person must also react quickly to hit tennis balls properly so as to return them back over the net.

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Q: Basic skills of lawn tennis
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