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There are a number of apparatuses used in rhythmic gymnastics. Some of these positions include the ball, hoop, ribbon, clubs, as well as rope.

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Q: Basic positions in rhytmic gymnastics
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What are the different positions in rhythmic gymnastics?

Rhytmic Gymnastics possitions are spilting in bettwen your Vagaina too get down more.

What are the baisc positions in gymnastics?

Basic gymnastics positions are Pike, Tuck, Straddle, and Hollow Body.

Where can you find images of the basic position in gymnastics?

To find images of the basic position in gymnastics simply do a basic Internet search. Use the string of words, "images basic positions gymnastics" and you should find what you are looking for in the top results.

What equipment do you need for women's rhytmic gymnastics?

A ball, rope, hoop, ribbon (with a stick), and clubs

What is the name of the gymnastic event in the Olympics where the dancer dances and throws a ball?

That would be called Rhytmic Gymnastics.

What are the fundamental positions in gymnastics?

There are several fundamental positions in gymnastics. A few of the positions are straddle, tuck, hollow, and the arch.

What are the basic gymnastics positions?

Struttel roll forward roll back roll handstand chart wheel and flips

Why do you need to know the basic position in gymnastic?

We need to know them simply because we can't step into the advanced positions in gymnastics.

Basic positions in gymnastics while standing sitting kneeling etc?

Feet TogetherStride PositionLunge PositionHalf-Knee BendSquat Position

Basic gymnastic position?

For beginning gymnasts the basic poses are: bridge, finish position, and maybe start to do the splits. Higher level gymnastics positions build on that.tuck,staddle,pike

What are the fundamental positions of gymnastics?

the fundamental positions of gymnastics are :Standing funamental Position,Knee-standing fundamental Position,Lying fundamental PositionHanging fundamental Position,

Five basic fundamental dance positions?

See answer of question, What are the basic dance positions?.

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