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The run does not count. This is a force out, not a "time" play. The tag by SS on runner going to 3rd is still a force. Regardless, the throw to 2nd is force out for the 3rd out. No run can score on a play in which the 3rd out is a force out. The time when the runner touches home is irrelevant. If the 3rd out was a "tag" play (not a force), then the run would count since the runner touched home before the 3rd out.

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Q: Bases loaded 1 out ball hit to SS runner scores SS tags man going to 3rd throws to 2nd for the force and last out does the run count?
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Bases loaded 1 out Batter hits fly ball which is caught-2nd out Runner from 3rd scores Runner from 2nd fails to tag. Outfielder throws to 2nd before runner tags up Does the run count?


What does loaded bases in softball mean?

bases loaded means that there is a runner on 1st base, a runner on 2nd base, and a runner on 3rd base, all of the bases.

If a runner scores on a wild pitch does the batter get the RBI?

If bases are loaded and it is ball four, yes. Otherwise, no Rule 10.04(a) explains part of this answer.

If you have bases loaded and 2 outs and the batter hits the ball to the outfield and the man on 3 scores but the outfielder forces a runner out does the run count?


When the bases are loaded and 2 out a ball is hit to SS The runner scores before the SS throws the batter out Does the run count?

No the run does not count. An out at any base would be a force out and no runs can score, If the runner scored and the third out is made because a runner is called out on an appeal play such as failure to retouch on a fly ball out or a runner missing a base the run would count

With the bases loaded and 2 outs a batter hits a slow roller to third base the runner from second gets in a rundown and before he is tagged out the runner from third scores is the run good?


Bases loaded 1 out ball is hit to firstbaseman who tags runner and throws home is it a force at home still and can runners revert?

By tagging a trailing runner, the force has been removed, so there is no force at home.

Does a batter get an rbi if he is hit with the bases loaded?

Yes, a batter gets a RBI through a Hit-by-pitch, walk, or hit if a runner scores on the play due to their plate appearance

Does the run count if when bases loaded the runner crosses the plat before runner is forced out at second base?


Is a runner out if the ball gets to home base before them?

not unless the bases are loaded, creating a force at home for the runner on third otherwise the runner must be tagged to be put out

Does the runner on second have to run to third base when the batter hits the ball?

The runner only has to run if there is another runner behind him (bases loaded) or if there is a force at secoind base.

If a relief pitcher comes in with the bases loaded and gets a force out at second does the runner that is now on first get charged to the previous pitcher since his runner was forced out by choice?

No. Any base runner that gets on base and scores is charged to the pitcher that pitched to him, regardless whether the batter reached base by a force out, error, catcher's interference,etc.

Bases are loaded and one out A ball is hit to the second baseman and he fields it cleanly but is hit by the runner therefore can't make a play.what is the ruling?

Runner is out.

How many runners may score off of a walk?

Conceivably four although it may be officially ruled something else such as a stolen base, wild pitch, pass ball, or error if anyone other than a runner forced in from third scores. Ball 4 is considered in play and runners may advance at their own risk if they are not being forced forward. Example: Bases loaded, pitcher throws ball 4 very wide of the plate and it goes to the backstop. The runner coming from third scores automatically off the base on balls. The runner on second notices the wild pitch and scores before the catcher can recover the ball. On the same play, the batter-runner tries to move up to second. The catcher throws the ball in to center field while trying to put him out. The center fielder reacts slowly and makes a bad throw and the batter and remaining runner continue around the bases and score. Officially, walk-wild pitch-E2-E8. Unofficially, a grand slam walk.

When bases are loaded ball is hit on ground to first baseman who tags runner out then throws home all runners go back to previous bases are runners all safe?

Yes. If the first baseman tags out the batter on his way to first, the three existing runners can return to their original bases; none can be "forced out."

Bases loaded with 2 outs they try to get the force on 3rd but the runner makes it before the throw but overruns 3 the runner on 3 makes it home be4 the over-runner is tagged out does the run count?

Yes the run scores, it would be scored the same as if s runner was thrown out trying to stretch a single into a double and a run crossed the plate before the put was made

Bases loaded one out fly ball to outfield is caught runner on third tages and scores the runner on second leaves earliy the defencive team appeals and umpire calls the runner out does the run score?

The runner from 2nd is only out when the defensive team tags 2nd base, not when the infraction occurs. So the run will count unless the defensive team had tagged 2nd base before the run crossed the plate.

Is a batter awarded an RBI if a runner on 3rd scores on a wild pitch or passed ball?

No, a WP or PB is similar to a fielding error. No RBI is awarded (unless the WP was ball 4 with the bases loaded, in which case the batter gets one RBI).

If the bases are loaded and the pitcher walks the batter does the run that scores count as an RBI?

yes Yes, the player is credited with a RBI.

What happens when Catcher throws to first goes out of play how many bases?

How many ever the runner(s) go to.

There are 2 baseball teams playing each other the bases are loaded and the batter hits a grand slam yet not a single man scores how is this possible?

All-American GirlsThe bases were loaded with women. A Women's baseball team.

If a baserunner scores as a result of a dropped third strike does the batter get credit for a run batted in?

Yes, any time a runner scores, the last person in the batter's box gets credit for the RBI. Even if he gets walked with the bases loaded he gets the credit for an RBI, even though in both of these cases he didn't hit the ball.

Bases loaded the batter walks the runner on third does not touch home can he be called out?

Yes. He can be called out because he will be outside of the line and he can be called out.

Softball Bases loaded 2 outs hitter lines a ball and hits the runner on 3rd while runner is still standing on 3rd in fair territory is he out or safe dead ball?

The runner is out he/she would have to be in foul territory and on the bag.

With the bases loaded and 2 out a ball is hit to SS. The runner scores before the SS tags the runner from second. Does the run count?

yes it does But in the situation where the ball is thrown to first base witch would be a force out, even if the 3rd base runner has scored the run does not count! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- WRONG. The run cannot count if the third out was made on a batter/runner before he reaches a base he was force to advance to. Doesn't matter if he was tagged or the ball was thrown to the base.