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The Dominican Republic Winter League season runs from October to January and serves not only as a developmental league for young players but also as an offseason home for major-leaguers looking to keep their skills sharp for spring training. If you're planning a vacation to the Dominican Republic during these months, you can probably score tickets to one of the 50 games of the season.

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There is no winter Baseball.

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Q: Baseball in the dominican republic where is the winter baseball?
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Is there baseball in January?

Not in the U.S. due to Winter but there are off-season workouts. I do believe that there is baseball down in the Dominican Republic though.

What is the average temperature you n the Dominican Republic in the winter?

There is not [WINTER] in dominican republic, the winter here are 16c min 33c max

Is Dominican Republic in the 2010 winter Olympics?


Why is there no winter in Dominican Republic?

Because it is located next the equatorial line of the Earth.

Where is baseball most popular around the world?

Baseball's popularity is biggest in North America and South America. Island nations Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, along with Venezuela have winter leagues that MLB minor leaguers can play in to hone their skills. Baseball is also very popular in Cuba and their national team won the Olympic gold medal in 1992, 1996, and 2004, and the silver medal in 2000.

Why is the Dominican Republic famous?

it's a really good tourist spot. it's hot there during our winter.

When was Hawaii Winter Baseball created?

Hawaii Winter Baseball was created in 1993.

Is baseball in the winter Olympics?

No. Baseball is neither in the Winter nor Summer Olympic games.

When was Florida Winter Baseball League created?

Florida Winter Baseball League was created in 2009.

How is the weather in the winter in Dominican Republic?

Summer like weather. The summer is eternal here beacause is next to planet equador. Winter temperatures are 16c min and 33c max.

What time is o'clock central time in the Dominican Republic?

Dominican Republic is in a GMT -4 timezone, which means it will be ahead of US Central Time by one hour in summer and two hours in the winter, based on the daylight savings time discrepancy in the US Central Time.

Is baseball in the olympics?

No. Baseball is neither in the Winter nor Summer Olympic games.