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Q: Baltimore Orioles were the last team to have four 20 game winners in one season?
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Who were the Baltimore Orioles pitchers with 20 victories?

The 1971 Baltimore Orioles had four 20-game winners: Dave McNally (21-5), Mike Cuellar (20-9), Jim Palmer (20-9) and Pat Dobson (20-8). The only other major league team to have four 20-game winners was the 1920 Chicago White Sox.

Who was the orioles first 20 game winner?

The 1971 Baltimore Orioles had four 20-game winners: Jim Palmer, Dave McNally, Mike Cuellar and Pat Dobson.

Who did the Baltimore Orioles beat in the World Series?

The Baltimore Orioles won three World Series.1966: defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers, four games to zero.1970: defeated the Cincinnati Reds, four games to one.1983: defeated the Philadelphia Phillies, four games to one.

Which two teams played the 1983 world series?

The Baltimore Orioles defeated the Philadelphia Phillies four games to one.

I believe rocky colavito hit four home runs in a game during the 1965 or 1966 season with cleveland. Am I right?

No ... that was June 10, 1959 when Rocky, playing for the Indians, hit 4 HRs against the Baltimore Orioles at Memorial Stadium in Baltimore. The most HRs he hit in a game in the 1965/1966 seasons was 2 which he did four times in 1966.

How many times have the Pittsburgh Steelers beaten the Baltimore Ravens twice in the regular season?

The Steelers swept the Baltimore Ravens during the regular season, four times (1997, 1998, 2002 and 2008).

What two teams played in the 1969 baseball world series final?

The New York Mets defeated the Baltimore Orioles four games to one.

What 4 pitchers to win 20 games in one season for the Detroit Tigers?

The Detroit Tigers have never had four 20-game winners in a single season.

Who are the first four food network stars?

These are the winners of the first four seasons of the Next Food Network Star: Season 1: The Hearty Boys Season 2: Guy Fieri Season 3: Amy Finley Season 4: Aaron McCargo, Jr.

What team was miguel tejada on before he was on the orioles?

from 1997-2003 he played for the atheletics, then after playing for the orioles for four years he went to the astros, then in 2010 he was signed by the orioles again, later traded in the middle of the season to the San Diego Padres

Who played in the 1976 world series?

Willie Stargell of the Pittsburgh Pirates won the World Series MVP award in 1979. He also won the regular season MVP and NLCS MVP awards that year. He is the only player to have won the regular season league MVP, championship series MVP and World Series MVP awards in the same season.

How many mlb teams have had 4 20-game winners?

The last team to do it was the 1971 Baltimore Orioles with pitchers Dave McNally (21-5), Mike Cuellar (20-9), Jim Palmer (20-9) and Pat Dobson (20-8). The only other major league team to have four 20-game winners was the 1920 Chicago White Sox with pitchers Urban "Red" Faber (23-13), Lefty Williams (22-14), Eddie Cicotte (21-10) and Dickie Kerr (21-9). Neither team won the World Series, although the '71 Orioles came close, losing to the Pittsburgh Pirates in seven games. The 1920 White Sox did not make it to the World Series at all, finishing two games behind the eventual world champion Cleveland Indians in the American League.