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It depends on where the ball is when the catcher catches it. The fact that the ball hit the plate does not matter one bit. It doesn't even matter where the catcher himself is when he catches it. If the ball is in or over fair territory it is fair, if the ball is in or over foul territory it is foul.

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Not sure just exactly what your question is, but I think you're asking if a batted ball hits behind the batter and spins onto fair territory, is it fair or foul.

Answer: provided it was not touched by any one or any thing, it would be a fair ball. Inside first and third base, a ball is determined to be fair or foul by where it comes to rest or where it is first touched.

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if the ball is hit by the bat out the box by accident it still counts as a hit ... if the batter hits the ball while on the plate it's an out ...

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Q: Ball is hit behind batter and spins to the front of batte fair or foul?
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