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You are given a two shot penalty in stroke play, or loss of hole in matchplay.

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Q: Ball in sandtrap hit sand in backswing is it a penalty?
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What happens if your ball hits the sand rake?

stoke penalty

Did Tiger throw his club in the sand when he won two weeks ago Why no penalty?

Under normal circumstances, with your ball in the sand, if you touch the sand with your club and are not in the process of making a stoke (the downward motion of the club with the intention of hitting the ball) you incur a penalty for testing the sand. But since Tiger's ball was NOT in the sand when his club hit the sand he was not penalized. I think...please correct me if I'm wrong.

What does the ball sit on for a place kick?

In the case of a place such as a penalty kick the ball can sit in a small plastic cradle or pile of sand.

What should you do after you step out a sandtrap?

After ou step out of a sand trap you should Use your club and gently scrape all sand back into the sand trap. Then you should use the rake and spread the sand evenly out.

Can you remove a stone from a sand trap?

No! A stone is a loose impediment. A sand trap is a hazzard. You cannot remove a stone from a hazzard if the stone and ball are in the same hazzard. stroke.

What do you do when your ball rests on a rake in a sand trap?

No, you are not allowed to do so, you must not rake the bunker or smooth sand over with your feet, as this is deemed to be improved your stance or testing the ground conditions. You will get a two shot penalty for testing, if you do so.

What are the rules reguarding a golf ball landing in a puddle of water in a sand trap?

This is known as casual water. You are allowed to take relief, you do so as follows, drop the ball anywhere in the bunker, no nearer the hole. You do so unless the course manager has designated the bunker Ground Under Repair, in which case you get a free drop out of the bunker.

Is it a penalty to strike dirt in the sand trap?


What should you do after you stepped out of a sand trap?

Tap the bottoms of your shoes with your club so the sand goes back in the bunker and then rake the bunker with the rake provided.

What is the penalty for grounding your club twice in the sand trap before hitting the ball since it looked like Johnson may have grounded the club twice?

No, there is no penalty for throwing a club.

Can you rack the sand before you hit the ball in the sand?


What object has more gravitational force a marble a tennis ball a bowling ball a sand grain?

sand grain