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about 5'3"

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Q: Average size of Jockeys
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Who is the smallest person in sport?

On average, jockeys are the smallest group of professional athletes, as horse racing is a sport where small size is an advantage.

How much do horse jockeys weigh?

Horse jockeys are typically shorter people. There is no average for their weight though it is doubtful they weigh much.

Average weight of jockeys?

The weight of professional jockeys ranges from 108 to 118 pounds. The jockey and the riding equipment cannot weigh more than 126 pounds.

Who is considered as King of Disc Jockeys?

There is no king of disc jockeys.

What is the plural possessive for jockeys?

The plural possessive form is jockeys'.

When was Jockeys' Guild created?

Jockeys' Guild was created in 1940.

What is the ISBN of The Rock Jockeys?

The ISBN of The Rock Jockeys is 0440410266.

What do Jockeys wear?

Jockeys wear a type of clothing called silks

How many pages does The Rock Jockeys have?

The Rock Jockeys has 80 pages.

Do disc jockeys record airchecks?

Airchecks are typically a requirement for broadcast disc jockeys made by the stations for which disc jockeys work. Some disc jockeys choose to do airchecks on their own but it is uncommon.

Why do camel jockeys race camels not horses?

Because then they wouldn't be CAMEL jockeys, they would be HORSE jockeys. And there is a huge difference between the two.

Is there a minimum weight for jockeys?

Jockeys need to be very light-weighted in order to increase the speed the horse can achieve during a race. The average jockey weights between 108 to 118 lb. (49 to 54 kg).

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