Average high school mile time

Updated: 10/21/2022
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To be competitive, anything under 4:35(depending on the region). On average the time will be somewhere around 4:50.

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Q: Average high school mile time
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What is an average time for a mile in middle school?

the average time to run the mile in middle school is 9.58

What is average time for indoor 2 mile race for high school girl?

five minuets is the minimum

What is the Best time high school girls 2 mile?


What is the fastest time run by a high school student in Minnesota for the mile?

If I can run a 4.42 mile what do think I should run in the two mile

What was Alan webb's mile time as a high school freshman?

I believe he ran a 4:23 mile his freshman year.

What is the average mile time for a high school student?

a normal time will be 8 min. or lessA good time will be 6:30-5:50 mingreat time 5:45-5:00i ran the mile 6:17 minOr you could run it in 420likethis guy!

What is the average lunch time for high school students?

the average time of lunch in high school is between half 12 and 1 lasting until half 1 or 2.

Is a 5 48 an average mile time?

5:48 is definitely above average for a mile time. An average mile time would be anywhere from 7-8 minutes.

What is the fastest time to run the mile relay race in high school?

The current record for running the fastest mile relay race in high school is currently 3 minutes, 58 seconds, and 30 milliseconds. The record was set on May 15, 1965 by Jim Ryun from Wichita East High School.

What is a normal 2 mile time?

This really depends on the type of person your talking about. If you are an average american, a normal time for a man would be around 18 muinites(9:00/mile), and for a women would be around 22:00(11:00/mile). If you are a high school track athlete, a respectable time for a male is around 11 muinites(5:30/mile), and a female would be around 13:00(6:30/mile).

What is an average time a man can run 10 meters?

im 16 years old and just ran at the QLD championships in the gold coast i came 2nd and ran 10.98 the guy that beat me ran 10.95 newtest3 the question was what was the AVERAGE time. NOT the average winning championship time! to actually answer the question, for an average high school track is probably around 11.5-12

What is the average time for a mile run by a human?

6 minutes is considered a fair time. ___________________________------------------______________________ PvtNinja Mine is 5:10. I'm a soccer player. ( freshmen 14 year old ), I would say that's an okay time. So average would be 5:30 - 6:30 minutes.