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According to the PGATour website the 2008 average driving distance is 287.1 yards. So, if the average driving distance is 287.1 and the average roll on a Golf ball is 20 yards. Then the average CARRY distance for a tour players drive is 267.1. Due to different wind conditions, sea level, humidity etc distance can be considerably affected. Don't forget this average is for any tee shot NOT on a par three hole. (Sometimes the PGA just chooses 3 or 4 holes on a round and records these). The average driving distance the PGA uses includes Tee-shots with Drivers, Fairway Woods, Hybrids and Irons. There are MANY MANY PGA men who can hit their Driver well over 300yards pretty much whenever they want to

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Q: Average distance of a PGA tour player's drive?
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Who leads the PGA tour in driving distance?

The leader in driving distance for the 2010 PGA tour season is Robert Garrigus with an average of 315.9 yards per drive.

How far can Mike Weir drive a golf ball?

PGA Tour 2009 average driving distance - 282.2 Yards.

What is the average driving distance on the LPGA tour?


Tiger Woods average drive?

For his 68 measured drives in 36 rounds of golf on the 2009 PGA Tour his average driving distance is 294.7 yards. As of 1st August 2009.

How far can Tiger Woods hit the ball?

On the 2009 PGA Tour Tiger Woods' average driving distance is 295.7 yards. (As of 6th August 2009) What is interesting about the average drive distance stats for PGA Tour players is they only measure drives on about 3 holes per round. Tiger Woods drove a 340 yard par 4 at the 2009 Buick Open, thay wasn't on a measured hole so it didn't count, so the statistics are accurate but can't reflect the truest picture.

How many players are on the ATP tour?

There are 1,000 sanctioned players on the ATP tour.

How many players on PGA tour?

This year there is currently 230 players with full or partial tour cards.

What is Tiger Woods avereage distance?

His average driving distance on the PGA Tour is around 295 yards, obviously this will vary from week to week.

How far does Tiger Woods hit golf ball?

His average driving distance is 294.7 on the 2009 PGA Tour.

What is the average PGA course distance?

The average length golf course on the PGA Tour is around 7300 yards. Some of the majors can be as high as 7600

How many players from the Nationwide Tour earned their PGA Tour Card in 2005?

The top 25 players earn a pga card.

What are tour tennis rackets?

Tennis rackets used on tour, by the professional players