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You should be able to dunk at 5 feet 10 inches tall. This, however, is a good height but it's not a rule. Remember, Spud Webb was extremely short, however, he was able to dunk.

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Q: At what height should I be able to dunk?
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How tall should I be to be able to dunk?

No minimum height applies, its all dependent on the height of your vertical jump

How do you Be able to dunk?

height, and your calve muscles

5'11 should i be able to dunk?

i am 5'4 i am 13 and i can touch half way up the net. if i was your height i could probably dunk but it depends on your fitness.

Im 5'10 and i can touch the rim. At what height do you think i will be able to dunk?

it depnds on how high you can jump

How tall is the average height at which a person can dunk a 10 foot tall basketball goal?

For a male, he should be dunking a 10 foot tall basketball goal at a maximum height of 6 feet 7 inches tall. And for a female, she should at least be able to dunk a 10 foot tall basketball goal at 8 foot tall.

How would you use the word height in a sentence?

"His height was a factor in his ability to dunk a basketball."

Do you need to be able to dunk if your in the nba?


If you are 6' tall and have a 30 inch vertical can you dunk?

the average length of an arm is around 2 to 3 feet so most likely you should be able to dunk

What is the height of a hoop for a slam dunk contest?

11 feet

What is the height of a 4th graders basketball goal?

to do a slam dunk

How high is the NBA dunk contest basket?

The height of the basket is the same height as the regulation baskets

Should you dunk easily at 6 feet 5?

If you train every day and are physically fit or in tremendous physical shape, then yes, you should dunk fairly easily. If you do not participate in exercise often and walking is your main exercise, then no, you probably won't be able to dunk easily at all.

When was LeBron James first dunk?

LeBron could and always will be able to dunk. Do not question LeBron.

Could a person of height 5'5'' perform a slam dunk?

Yes, if you train hard enough. I have no training and I'm 5'5 yet I can touch the board. It was also proven in YouTube that a person (using the Air Alert Program) was able to dunk.

How do you self alley oop at nba 2k10 ps2?

In a game, i don't think you can but if there is a dunk contest you should be able to.

How many sophomore's in high school can dunk a basketball?

ive been able to dunk seince i was a freshman

How do you free throw dunk in nba 2k11?

I don't think you can but you may be able to do it in a slam dunk comp.

Is michell Jordan ever able to dunk again?


What is the minimum height to slam dunk?

The diameter of an NBA basketball is just under 9.5 inches. The height of an NBA rim is 10 feet off the ground. Therefore, a minimum height of 10' 91/2' would be required to slam dunk.

Can women dunk in a basketball game?

maybe depends on their height and jumping ability

What is the real height ohf people dunk the ring in pba?

its only 4'11

How do you dunk at 4'7?

Either use a trampoline or set the net at a lower height.

You are 5foot 3 and you can almost touch the rim on a 10ft net will you be able to dunk?

You will be able to dunk when you are 5 foot 6 or so. Can you really? Nice hops.

How do learn to you slam dunk?

You don't really learn how to dunk. If you are tall enough to dunk, you just sort of do it. It should come naturally.

Can a 6 foot 0 kid dunk a 10 foot goal?

Dunking isn't all about height, Im 6ft 6 and i cant dunk but nate Robinson is 5 ft 9 and he can dunk over Shaquille O'neal. I depends on the power of your legs so the more power the heigher. If you do squats and lunges ect you will be able to do it.