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Aboot 1 hahaa Aboot 1 hahaa

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Q: At what age did rangers fc captain barry Ferguson get scouted?
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Who was Rangers and Scotland football captain until April 2009?

Barry Ferguson

How many goals did barry Ferguson score for rangers fc?

fifa 10

When was Barry Ferguson born?

Barry Ferguson was born on February 2, 1978.

What is Barry Ferguson's birthday?

Barry Ferguson was born on February 2, 1978.

What soccer team does Barry Ferguson play for?

He currently plays for and captains both, Scottish Premier League club Rangers and the Scotland national team.

How old is Barry Ferguson?

Barry Ferguson is 39 years old (birthdate: February 2, 1978).

When was Barry Ferguson - Irish footballer - born?

Barry Ferguson - Irish footballer - was born on 1979-09-07.

Is barry feruson gay?

Yes Barry Ferguson is gay.

Players who played for Glasgow Rangers more than once?

Jim baxter, Dave mcpherson, Kenny miller, mark hatley, barry Ferguson,

Where does Barry Ferguson come from?


What has the author J Barry Ferguson written?

J. Barry Ferguson has written: 'Living with flowers' -- subject(s): Flower arrangement

Is Duncan Ferguson related to Barry Ferguson?

No he is not, Ferguson is a very common Scottish name, and it is simply by coincidence that these two fellas ended up in the same "career" :) For your information does Alex Ferguson have children, he has three sons called Mark, Jason and Darren. i hope it helped :)