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At the age of 18 years old.

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Q: At what age did Nastia go to the Olympics?
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How old was nastia liukin when she entered the Olympics?

Nastia Liukin was 18 when she entered in the Olympics in 2008.

Where did nastia lukin compete in the 2004 Olympics?

Nastia did not compete in the 2004 Olympics. The 2008 Olympics has been the only Olympic Games she has competed in so far.

When did nastia liukin begin the Olympics?


At what age did nastia liukin start gymnastics?

Nastia Liukin started gymnastics when she was only 3 years of age

What happens if there's a tiebreak in gymnastics?

if you watched the Olympics, how on the uneven bars, nastia and a Chinese girl one, well if you go on youtube and type "Nastia Liukin on Leno" she explains it very well.

Is nastia liukin single?

She is single. She does not have time for a boyfriend. She had to train for the Olympics.

Has Nastia Liukin been in the Olympics before?

No, the 2008 Games will be her first.

Did Nastia Liukin get gold in all around Beijing Olympics?

Yes she did.

How old was nastia liukin in the 2008 Olympics?

18 years old

In what year did Nastia Luiken perform in the Olympics for the first time?


What inspired nastia liukin to compete in Olympics?

Her father was in the olympics but lost. He said that her winning "fixed his mistake"

What nicknames does Nastia Liukin go by?

Nastia Liukin goes by Nast.

Who was the first all-around gold medalist in gymnastics at the Olympics?

Nastia Liukin

Who was part of the womens gymnastic team for the Olympics?

nastia lukin and shaun jounson

What age did Nastia Liukin start Gymnasticas?

she started at the age of 3.

How many medals did nastia luiken win in the 2008 summer Olympics?

Nastia won five medals, one gold, three silver, and one bronze.

What age do you have to be to go to the Olympics for soccer?


Is nastia liukin paralyzed?

no nastia luikin is NOT paralyzed if she was she woldn't be training to go to london 2012!!

What is Nastia Luikin Famous for?

Nastia Juikin is a retired Artistic Gymnast. She participated in the Olympics in 2008 and won a gold medal for the USA in the individual all around competition.

How many Olympic games did Nastia Liukin go to?

Nastia Liukin competed in one Olympic game. It was the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Liukin won five medals in Beijing, including the gold medal for the Artist gymnastics all-around.

Did nastia liukin won a bronze?

She won bronze on floor exercise in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Who won the gold medal at the 2008 Olympics in all-around women's gymnastics?

Nastia Liukin

Will Nastia Lukin perform in the 2012 Olympics?

She is making a comeback and hoping to make the team in 2012

How old is nastia mouse?

Nastia Mouse appears to be a bikini model, but there is not any listed information on her. Therefore her age is not listed either.

What age did Michael Phelps go to the Olympics?