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Whenever they choose, usually it's because of injury or being inadequate on the field due to aging. If the player wasn't a free agent, then they still have contract requirements if they choose to return.

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Usually someone retires when they choose to so i don't think that you are ever forced to unless you have a serious injury or you are VERY old

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Any time u feel like it...anytime offseason

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Q: At what age are you forced to retire from the NFL?
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What percentage of NFL players who suffer an ACL injury are forced to retire?

21% of all players that get ACL injuries retire

What rights do you have if you don't want to retire?

This depends upon which state you are in and what job you hold. In general, it's illegal age discrimination for a company to force people under the age of 75 to retire. However, the courts have found that workers with certain jobs, like airline pilots, can be forced to retire at 65. Also, executives can be forced to retire at 65. The best bet is to contact the nearest EEOC office and see if you have a case for age discrimination.

Average age of NFL player?

about 20-30 average. then people usually retire because they have a lot of money

Why did Gary lineker retire?

A persistent toe injury forced Lineker to retire.

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Do you have to retire?

You do not have to retire unless a certain retirement age is part of your job requirements, such as with law enforcement, or unless you can no longer perform your responsibilities.Answer:In some jurisdictions the establishment of a mandatory retirement age has been declared discriminatory and cannot be used as a reason to terminate your employment. As an example, the normal age for retirement in Canada is 65, however one cannot be forced to retire at that age. Labour laws in the country do not specify a retirement age.

What age did Mean Joe Greene retire from the NFL?

"Mean" Joe Greene retired at the age of 35.

Is ti being forced to retire?

no it is his choice

Did Dale House retire from the NFL?


Oldest player to retire from nfl?


What is the earliest age I can retire?

The earliest age that you can retire is at 62 years old.

What age can you retire from army?

Enlisting was changed to 42. I do not believe there is a mandatory retirement age. Admiral Rickover was forced to retire in his 80's after 63 years of service on 31 January 1982. Of course it is more at the discretion of the individual service and the ability of the soldier or sailor to do his assigned tasks, his physical ability.