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Q: At the White Sox stadium how did disco demolition start?
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When did disco dancing start?

when did people start doing disco dance

Why did disco start?

The movie Saturday Night Alive really brought disco out. John Travolta walking down the street in his white suit to the Bee Gee's song really hit it big and it seemed from that point on disco was everywhere.

Where did disco come from?

where did disco music start from and were did it come from

When did the disco era start?

The disco era started around 1972.

What careers start with D?

doctor, demolition, dancer

Why did Punk Rock start?

punk rock started as a reaction to disco. disco was so flat and pop-ish that it pissed people off enough to start life changing bands.

When did disco dance start?

Late 1970's.

Which Bands names start with P?

Panic at the Disco

When did disco start?

Simple Answer: Disco began after Hues Corporation released on RCA "Rock the Boat" May 1974 it topped billboard at #1.

Where did disco start?

Hard to say where exactly, but it came from the movie Saturday Night Alive and the soundtrack the Bee Gee's made. The image of John Travolta walking down Times Square in his white suit was everywhere.

When did they start building the Olympic stadium?


When did construction of the new cowboys stadium start?

In early 2006. The stadium opened in time for the Cowboys' 2009 season.

How many seats does Washington Grizzly Stadium have?

The current capacity of Washington Grizzly Stadium is 23,117, but by the start of the 2008 football season, the stadium will have over 25,000 seats.

Why was funk dominated by male singers and disco by female singers?

Like most things, funk music was male-dominated at its start. Disco, however, was a reaction to the exclusionary nature of funk as an art, as well as to the exclusionary nature of other types of music prevalent at the time. As such, it was created by those marginalized groups: LGBT individuals, African-Americans, Latinos, and women. Disco, then, was more female-dominated than funk, and funk remained dominated by the mainstream group: white heterosexual men.

When did they start building the new Yankee Stadium?

Construction began on the new Yankee Stadium in August 2006.

Against what team did Joba Chamberlain make his first career start against and in which stadium was the start in?

Joba's first start was at Yankee Stadium on June 3, 1998, against the Toronto Blue Jays.

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What is a good link to see photos of the Dallas Stadium?

A good place to start is the homepage of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium (see Related link).

What will Liverpools new stadium be called?

The proposed name of the new Liverpool stadium, scheduled to be open for the start of the 2012/13 season is 'Stanley Park Stadium'. However, it seems likely that the naming rights will be sold.

What year did the New York Jets start playing at giants stadium?

1984. The Jets went 3-5 in games at Giants Stadium that season.

When did greyhound racing start?

Bell Vue stadium Manchester U.K

What are the games in MW2 team tactical?

It says before you start searching for it: Capture the Flag, Domination, Demolition, Search and Destroy, Team Deathmatch.

Which stadium in the nfl has the most false start penalties?

That would be Qwest Field in Seattle, WA. Home of the 12th man. Updates false starts since 2006 on the stadium scoreboard after each opponent false start penalty at Qwest.

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It was formed in 1863 and based at Wembley Stadium

When did Manchester city start playing at new stadium?

they already started playing