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Q: At milanelo the ac Milan teaming place?
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What does ac mean in the team name ac Milan?

AC in AC milan stands for Assosiation Calcio Milan AC in AC milan stands for Assosiation Calcio Milan

What country is AC Milan in?

AC Milan is from Italy.

What leauge is ac Milan in?

ac milan plays in serie A in italy.

Who will win ac Milan or Liverpool?

ac milan because ac milan beat Liverpool the 2007 uefa champions league

Where is the team AC Milan based?

The team AC Milan is based in Milan, Lombardy. This is an Italian football team.

Ronaldinho stay in ac Milan?

Yes, he still plays for AC Milan.

Who are the rivals from ac milan?

Inter Milan

What year did Kanchelskis play for AC Milan?

Andrei Kanchelskis did not play for AC Milan.

Which Serie A teams are base in milan?

ac milan and inte milan

Who played for ac milan inter milan?

For players still playing, Crespo, Ronaldo, Seedorf have played for both AC Milan and Inter Milan.

Who is better AC Milan or Juventus?

juventus and ac milan are to good but ac milan won's more championshipsac milan won less championships in ItalyI think that Milan has won more championships and so has more experience...

Total number of trophies won by ac milan in their footballing history?

AC Milan has won a total of twenty eight trophies. AC Milan is based in Milan with San Siro as its home stadium.

Who will win the Italy seria a 2010?

It is now between Ac Milan and Inter Milan. Ac Milan are favourites of winning even though they are second AC Milan have easy games now but Inter Milan still have some hard games left. I think Ac Milan will win the Italy Seria A.

How do you get AC Milan in FIFA 11?

Yes go to Italian league and select AC Milan.

What is the team colors of ac milan?

The colours of AC Milan are horizontal red and black stripes.

What does AC in AC Milan stand for?

Athletico Club

In last 200 meetings between Ac Milan and inter Milan how many times did Ac Milan has won and how many times did the Inter Milan?

All-time record: Matches: 171 | Inter wins: 61 | Milan wins: 58 | Draws: 52 | Inter goals: 247 | Milan goals: 234| A Cool Youtube Place to see videos of these (and other encounters, involving AC Milan), the link is listed below

Has ac Milan ever lost to any English team at home?

Yes Arsenal beat AC Milan 2 - 0 at Milan

Did Ray Wilkins play for Inter Milan?

no, ac milan.

Who has played for both AC Milan and Inter Milan?


Is Milan is a citiy of Italy and why they called the milan a football team and who is captain of ac milan is crisitiana rplando is good player of ac milan?

yes milan is a big city in Italy and the call milan a football team because its a football team in milan called AC Milan...... captain of milan is Massimo Ambrosini (#23).. .... Cristiano Ronaldo plays for Real Madrid... he's never played for ac milan... and yes he is a very good player

How much is david beckham being paid to play for ac Milan?

Nothing, he does not play for AC Milan.

How much did AC Milan pay to get Paolo maldini?

Nothing, he had play for AC milan since he was a child!

Does Inter and AC Milan have the same stadiums?

no one i think its ac milan has a well better stadiam

What is the difference in real football between Milan?

Milan-AC Milan,Milano-Inter