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No, your ability to get pregnant does not make you an adut. There may be some abilities to be emancipated for access to support from the state in needed.

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Q: At 17 are you legally an adult in New Jersey if you are pregnant?
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When can you legally move out of your parent's house in the state of New Jersey?

When you are an adult and responsible for yourself. In New Jersey you must be 18.

In New Jersey if a guy is 21 and the girl is 17 does he have to wait for her to turn 18 for them to legally date?

yes because he is an adult

At what age can you legally kick your child out of the house in New Jersey?

yes it is ive studdied law since i was five iand it is illegal!

In New Jersey can you move legally at 18?

yes you can

Do you need parent's consennt to get married at 17 in the of new jersey?

Yes, until you are an adult, you need to be an adult. In New Jersey you must be 18.

Is a pregnant 18 year old considered emancipated in NJ?

{| |- | Yes, she would be considered an adult. The age of majority in New Jersey is 18 years of age. The fact that she is pregnant does not affect the situation. |}

Are you legally required to purchase insurance for your boat in New Jersey?

No, it is not legally required that you purchase insurance for your boat in New Jersey. It is a good idea to have boat insurance in case of an accident.

Can a 17-year-old pregnant girl marry an 18-year-old guy without permission in New Jersey?

No. At 17 she is still a minor even though she is pregnant and the 18 year old is an adult.

Can you legally separate from your partner and reside in the same house in New Jersey?

Yes you can stay in the same house if you have a share in it in New jersey.

If pregnant at 17 do you become independent in New Jersey?


How many teenagers a year in New Jersey get pregnant?


What age are parents legally responsible for children new jersey?

Until the child is 18.