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Playing winger is all about movement. The best thing you could do for your game as a right winger is get into space, keep the field wide meaning dont drift to the middle to much so that you pull the defender away from you (or hope he forgets about you) so that the through ball can be played through. Other major points you can work on is your crossing and beating a man one on one. If you can perfect your 1v1 skills you can create more space for your strikers and create more oppurtunities for your team as a whole. I do this move all the time and it works even if the defender is faster than you. First when you receive the ball make sure that the defender is within 1 or 2 meters away from you, then you stop the ball with your right foot and turn your body sideways facing the inside of the field with your back facing the sideline. As soon as you do this move kick the ball sideways with the inside of your left foot next to the defender but you are already running. Once you gain the inside of the field he is going to be chasing you and you can easily score goals this way, I guarantee it.. The key of this move is timing and exploding once you flick the ball pass him.

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Q: As a right winger in soccer what are the most useful moves that you can utilize?
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