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No, he played TE.

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Q: Arizona Wildcats football did Jim hanawalt play qb?
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Which university does the Arizona Wildcats football team play for?

The Arizona Wildcats football team plays for the University of Arizona located in Tucson, Arizona. The football team began at the University of Arizona in 1899.

What college did Chris McAllister play football for?

Arizona Wildcats

When did the KY Wildcats play their first game?

The Wildcats played their first college football game in 1881. They didn't play again until 1890 and have played football since, except for 1943.

Does becca tikey still play for the Arizona wildcats still?

No, She is Now attending/playing at the rival school Arizona State.

What are Phoenix sports teams names?

Yes, the Arizona Diamondbacks play in Phoenix.

Why do the Arizona Cardinals play at the University of Arizona?

They don't....they play at the University of Phoenix stadium Correction. The Cards have never played at the University of Arizona. UofA (wildcats) is in Tucson. Arizona State University, located in Tempe, play in Sun Devil Stadium (ASU Sun Devils)

Did Kenny lofton play football and baseball?

No only baseball you could be thinking of deion sanders though. ---- No, but while in college Lofton was the backup point guard for the Arizona Wildcats team that made the Final Four in 1988.

What state do the Arizona Cardinals play?

The Arizona Cardinals are a professional American football team in the National Football League. The team is based in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area.

Who do the NY Giants football team play next?

Giants play the Arizona Cardinals next.

Where do the Perth Wildcats play there home games?

in perth its in the name!

What conference is Arizona state in?

The Cardinals play in the National Football Conference West Division.

Where do the Arizona Diamondbacks play?

The Arizona Diamondbacks play at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona.