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Q: Areas individual members can contribute to a team?
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Is judo an individual or team sport?

You can generally have any number in a team. Competitors are rotated on a team for each show to allow everyone a chance to participate. An average team will have around 8-14 people. For example, on an Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) team, the number of members can range from a dozen to 100! Usually there is a point squad that members compete to be a part of, and it is this group of riders that contribute to overall team points.

What is the collective noun for team?

The word "team" is a collective noun since it includes all the individual members of the team.

How do both individual and team sports contribute to a healthy environment?

because you are getting exercise

When you had to work as part of a successful team What made the team successful How as an individual did you contribute to the team?

our killer defense i was one of the awesome defense player

Are the Atlanta Falcons gay?

The Atlanta Falcons as a team are not gay. Individual members of the team may be gay.

Components of a positive team culture?

Open communication, mutual respect, collaboration, shared goals, and supportive environment are key components of a positive team culture. Creating a culture that fosters trust, accountability, and recognition of individual contributions can also contribute to team cohesion and success.

How do you address diversity and culture within a team?

Encourage open communication and mutual respect among team members, celebrate different backgrounds and perspectives, provide diversity training, and ensure equal opportunities for all team members to contribute and succeed.

What occurs when the interaction and outcome of team members is greater than the sum of their individual efforts?


Are the Jabbawockeez or the Quest Crew better?

One opinion finds that the individual members of Quest Crew are better than the Jabbawockeez's individual members, but the Jabbawockeez are a better team than Quest Crew.

Is swimming an individual or do they compete in a team?

Swimming is interesting, as it can function as both an individual and team sport. In swim meets, the races are individual, and you are competing with swimmers from both the opposing team and your own team. You are also competing against your personal best time. However, the points you accrue from how you placed in your race contribute to the team score which is used to determine who "won" the meet.

Why is it important to be able to show team members how personal work objectives contribute to achievement of team objectives?

It is important so that they can stay on track knowing what the outcome is going to be

How many individual members required in the group to consider it a team?

Depends on sport like soccer is 8!