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no, baker

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โˆ™ 2010-11-27 04:40:44
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Q: Are zero skateboards the best skateboarding brand?
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Which are the best skateboards?


What is the best brand of pro skateboards?

Theres realy No Better Brand It All Depends On Prefrance Ive Skated Many Decks But I Prefer Zero

What are all of the skateboarding companies?

Adio Aesthetic Skateboards Airwalk Alien Workshop Almost Angelboy Skateboards Anti-Hero Skateboards Arise Truck Avera Skateboards Bacon Skateboards Baker Birdhouse Black Label Skateboarding Blind Skateboards Bones Brigade Bootleg Skateboards C1RCA Footwear Capix Chocloate Skateboards Darkstar DC Deatbox Skateboards Deca Skateboards Decade DVS Es Etnies Enjoi Skateboards Flip Skateboards Girl Globe Shoes Hawk Clothing Matix Powell - Peralta Vans Zero Skateboards

Where can one purchase Zero skateboards?

Zero skateboards can be purchased at Zero Skateboards, Warehouse Skateboards, Zumiez, Zero Skateboards Sale, and online retailers like Amazon and eBay.

When was Zero Skateboards created?

Zero Skateboards was created in 1996.

Are almost skateboards better than zero skateboards?


Are plan b skateboards better than zero skateboards when it comes to flick pop concave and lightness?

No way. Zero and Mystery (same company) are phenomenal decks, and i'd put them up against any other brand. - Fauxreal20

Are zero skateboards pro?

Yes, they are.

Are Zero skateboards better than Plan b skateboards when it comes to pop flick and durability?

Yeah Zero has all of that, its better

Zero skateboards or Baker skateboards better?

In my opinion Baker boards are waaaaaaaaay better so take it from me and get Baker skateboards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are World indistries skateboards better than Zero skateboards?

In terms of which one is going to be better for tricks, they are both just as good. You can do the same stuff on a World Industries as on a Zero. In my opinion though, Zero skateboards look a lot cooler. its about the same- the skateboards look cooler for zero, but my friend has sik world industries sneaks yes

What does zero afterlife concave mean?

it is the deeper concave offered by zero skateboards

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