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YES show that the muscles in your fingers and hands have been working, finger toughness.

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Q: Are your wrist and fingers supposed to be sore after playing a lot of tennis?
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Is it better to wear a bracelet while playing tennis to protect one's wrist?

"Yes, you can wear a tennis bracelet while playing tennis for some added support. It won't protect your wrist, but it will make it easier to hit the ball."

When playing a guitar is it okay for your wrist to hurt when you stretch your fingers?

its perfectly fine, u strain ur wrist by streching ur fingers, its okay!

Is the wrist proximal to the fingers?

Yes, the wrist is proximal to the fingers. Proximal means closer to the body's center or point of attachment, while distal means farther away. In this case, the wrist is closer to the body's center compared to the fingers.

Are the fingers lateral to your wrist?

The fingers are distal to the wrist. The wrist is proximal to the fingers. In anatomical position, it is possible to say the thumb is lateral to the wrist.

The fingers are located where to the wrist?

the fingers are DISTAL to the wrist bones.

How long do you wait before playing tennis after a broken wrist?

dontt ask stupid things

The wrist is what to the fingers in respect of the elbow?

The wrist is proximal to the fingers and distal to the elbow.

Which muscles allow you to flare your fingers?

The muscles which allow you to extend your wrist and flare your fingers are the flexor muscles in the wrist and the prime movers in the fingers. These muscles will coordinate to adduct the wrist and the fingers.

What are the Body parts used while playing tennis?

Shoulder wrist thighs knees abs ankles arms

What is the wrist to the fingers?


What is the primary extensor of the wrist and fingers?

The extensor digitorum communis is an extensor of the wrist and fingers. The extensor digitorum communis is the primary extensor of the lateral four fingers IP joint and assists in wrist extension.

Pertaining of the wrist and fingers is called?

The words you are looking for is carpal (wrist) and manual (hand). There is no one word for fingers.