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No... why would you? Just wear the goggles your doctor tells you to, or just your glasses if you aren't annoyed by how hard it is to see or if you aren't worried they'll break.

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Q: Are you suppost to wear your normal glasses over sports goggles?
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What are Scott Sports Goggles used for?

Scott Sports Goggles are designed for use in winter sports, for example skiing and snowboarding. Scott also makes lighter glasses designed for cyclists.

What sports goggles are the best?


Can you get a prescription lens for your sports goggles?


Where can one search for high quality goggles?

One can search for high quality goggles on many websites such as Amazon as well as Speedo. One can also purchase these goggles in swimming and sports stores such as Sports Authority.

Who invented sports glasses?

Ryan Ashwell, he was born in 1997 and created the sports glasses. His sports glasses are now worldwide and he has sold over a billion, he's a great guy ;)

Where can You Find Mirrored Goggles but not Tinted?

You can find mirrored goggles that are not tinted at sporting goods stores. Stores such as the Sports Authority and Dicks Sporting Goods carry a wide assortment of goggles.

Which football players wear glasses?

glasses get broken easily, so they wouldn't wear them in a matchthey may prefer wearing contact lensesthey earn so bloody much that they can afford laser eye surgery if they need it

Where can you buy glasses to protect eyes from sports injury?

Well you can get glasses for people who need glasses and they are harder to break

Do Safety goggles comes in a variety of colors?

Yes, very much. There are Safety Glasses that enhances contrast with varying colors which come in gray, gold/blue and amber which suit lab and other purposes. ( goggles or glasses worn in any sports especially come with lenses that vary in shape, size and colors- in multiple tints and tones and there are special photo-chromic lenses that change color while you are in outdoor. And these goggles also improve the visual performance of the wearer. (See links-;;

Where are the ski goggles on xbox party mansion?

they are in the top right corner of the sports room

Where can one purchase goggles in the UK?

Goggles can be purchased in the UK from stores such as Sports Direct and Argos. They are also available to purchase online from sites including eBay and Amazon.

What would be the reason for one typing the word goggles like gogles?

If one types gogles instead of goggles, it is most likely an error in typing. Goggles are a form of protective eyewear that are often used in snow sports and swimming.