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Q: Are you more aerodynamic if you shave your head?
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Who was the first girl to shave her head?

It is not known who the first girl was to shave her head. Lots of people shave their heads for various reasons.

Are there any shavers especially recommended for men who shave their head?

There are specific shavers available for purchase for men who shave there head. The site Head Blade has many head shaving products specifically for men who shave there head.

Do cyclists have to shave their arms?

There's a lot of myths about why cyclists shave, from that abrasions from a fall would hurt less on shaved skin to that it gives the rider an aerodynamic edge. Aerodynamic advantage is principially true, but the net effect is amazingly minor. The "real" reason is much more earthbound. Cyclists doesn't haveto shave anything, but for team riders who gets regular massages smooth legs are more comfortable. During early/late season some riders use a warming balm/ointment on their legs, which also goes on and off smoother on shaved skin.

Is it obligatory to shave your head after umrah?

Actually I think it's you have to shave you head before going to Umrah and it is obligatory.

Did Christian Beadles shave his head?

no. he just told everyone on twitter that he did shave his head but he actually didn't. it was a joke.he didn't because if you go on twitter it says on his wall and other peoples saying that he did not shave his head.

What is fetish head shave?

It is when people are attracted to watching people shave their head. In other words they like people with who are bald.

How can you use the word aerodynamic in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences.The new plane is more aerodynamic than the old one.That car is designed to be aerodynamic to conserve gas.Birds are aerodynamic.

Can you give me a sentence using the aerodynamic?

I'll pursue a more aerodynamic design, sir.

When you shave your head there is a lot of grey is there a way to make it more your skin color?

put olive oil on it

Did lilwayne shave his head?

Not Yet. (:

What religion has you shave your head?


I am NOT going to shave my head so can I get rid of my cowlick?

Shave your head completely. If you're bald, you will not have to worry ever again about cowlicks :)