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Six pack abs

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Q: Are you fit if you get toned abs or are you fit if you get six pack abs?
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What is inferior Toned abs or six pack abs?

God knows :P

Would you be a fit person with six pack abs or just a normal flat tummy?

Six pack abs.

Why do people say toned abs are fitter than six pack abs isn't six pack abs stronger and harder than toned abs?

Tonned muscle are just a lazy persons way of saying the do medium reps, medium weight. Abs that show e,g six pack abs are all to do with your body fat percentage. Your abs (core strength) is all to do with your work out. Not what people say. Viewable abs are all down to how much fat you have, not how hard you work out.

Does Erica Englebert have six pack abs?

"Yes she does." .. is incorrect, Erica informed me she does NOT have a 6 pack but very very toned abs from throwing her double for so many years

Are girls with toned abs like Vanessa hudgens more fitter that girls with six pack abs like Jodie Marsh or are they both fit in their own way?

They are both of about the same fitness; however, a person with "six-pack abs" has very little extra fat, and may be unwell if s(he) isn't careful.

What type of clothing do girls wear in summer to show off their toned tummy or six pack abs?


How can a 14 year old get a six pack abs?

It depends on how fit you are. I say that if you want one you can get a six-pack

Who as the best six-pack abs in the world?

Ryan Gosling's ripped abs make his abs the best six pack abs in the world!

What is the difference between six pack abs to eight pack abs?


What exactly is a six pack abs diet?

A six pack abs diet is a diet for men to get a six pack. Though a woman could get a six pack if they wanted to. A six pack is located on the chest below the breast area.

Does basshunter have six-pack abs?


Is there such a thing as 6 pack abs?

Yes, there is such a thing as a six pack abs (on the abdomen).

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