Are you an Arsenal fan

Updated: 9/27/2023
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yes but please dont ask stupid questions

Definitely not. I am Manchester United fan!

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Ya! sure....I will play for Arsenal! I'm a freshman right now, i play for senior Varisity team at lake Washinton High school in Redmond WA!


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Q: Are you an Arsenal fan
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Who is more popular Chelsea or Arsenal?

As far as fan bases go Arsenal.

What kind of fan might wear an Arsenal shirt?

An Arsenal shirt would generally be worn by a fan of the football team Arsenal. Arsenal is a London based football team. They would generally be more passionate than most.

Who is the arsenal no 1 fan?

Kacper Wysocki

Is Zac Efron an arsenal fan?


Who is an arsenal fan in jls?

Aston and JB

Who is the no1 arsenal fan?

Kacper Wysocki

Did Michael Jackson like Arsenal?

He was not a fan of football.

Who has biggest fan base arsenal or tottenham?

arsenal.. maybe tottenham in London but in the world definitely arsenal

Arsenal to man city to west ham to everton to arsenal to Aston villa to man utd to spurs to leeds who are you?

I'm d gunner d arsenal fan..........

Is van persie leaving arsenal?

No, he is staying one more season. Thank god because I'm an Arsenal fan

In German how do you say I support arsenal?

Ich unterstütze arsenal.In relation to football, you could say Ich bin Arsenal Fan.

Is Aston Merrygold a rangers fan?

Nope he supports Arsenal FC :)