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It is allowed, though not generally recommended.

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Q: Are you allowed to throw a knuckleball in little league?
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Is it possible to throw a knuckleball and be a sidewinder?

Yes it is possible to be a sidewinder and throw a knuckleball. I have seen many people who can do it and I occasionally throw my knuckleball with a sidearm motion.

How do you throw a knuckleball in little league World Series?

you have to hold the wii remote up..... the black sensor should be facing up and the B button should be facing toward you. It is really hard to throw so do get mad if you can't throw it sometimes. It is really nasty.

Did nolan Ryan ever throw a knuckleball?

No Well...actually he threw a knuckleball once.......when he beaned Ventura in 1993, he hit him Robin several times with his knuckleball.

Who was the first pitcher to throw a curve?

Knuckleball Schwartz of the Washington Senators.

Who was the first knuckleball pitcher?

The first prominent pitcher to throw the knuckleball was Ed Cicotte of the Chicago White Sox. Click on the 'Knuckleballers' link on this page to see some of the best pitchers who threw the knuckleball.

How fast do Little league pitchers throw?

about 45-60 around that area i think soo i am in little league

Can little league pitcher throw a curve ball?

If he is skilled enough

How far does a catcher have to throw in order to reach second base in little league baseball?

he has to throw 112 feet

Does a knuckle ball hurt your arm?

No, it does not, if you throw it correctly. Many pitchers who throw the knuckleball have pitched late into their 40's and been successful, Hoyt Wilhelm and Phil Neikro come to mind. Actually, some pitchers have been forced to throw the knuckleball to survive in baseball after suffering some arm injury. One such pitcher is Major Leaguer R. A. Dickey.

How far do softball little league pitchers throw?

Little League : Minors 35 feet Majors 40 feet Everything above that is 43 feet

How fast can a little league pitcher throw a baseball?

the average speed is 64.78 MPH

Are college coaches allowed to swear?

yes! they throw chairs at the crowd sometimes... that's a little out of hand but yes they are allowed to swear...

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