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Yes, without fouling

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Q: Are you allowed to steal the ball from the opponent in basketball?
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What is a reach in foul in basketball?

A "reach in foul" is when a player tries to steal the ball from his opponent, but draws contact with his opponent while attempting to steal. If the player makes no contact, there's no foul.

What is steal in basketball?

A Steal in basketball is when you stael the ball from your oponent. so if ou either intersept the ball when he is about to shoot or when you grab the ball from him when he is dribling

Can you a basketball off your oppenent?

Yes, according to the basketball rules and regulations, you are only allowed to bounce the ball off your opponent only to use to brake a double dribble.

Can a player yell ball ball ball while trapping an opponent in a basketball game?


Can you grab the ball from the opposing team player in basketball?

Yes, you can. This is called stealing the ball, a concept that is heavily used throughout the game. If you happen to hit your opponent while attempting to steal the ball (hitting his wrist, arm, body, etc.), that is a foul, and you will not get the ball.

What do you call it when you take the ball from someone else in basketball?


What is the filexibility in basketball?

in basketball you have to be able to jump and move your body in a way to steal the ball or get it in the basket.

Can you strip the ball in basketball?

NO... you would have to steal it ... stripping the ball like in football would Intel that you wrestling for the ball in basketball they will call it a foul or a jump ball if you try to strip it ...

Turnover in basketball?

A turnover in basketball means that the basketball is taken by the opposing team. Usually the the way to turnover the ball is by the opposing team to steal the ball. Another way is the team with the basketball goes out of bounds and you turnover the ball.

How do you spell steal like basketball?

That is the correct spelling of "steal" meaning to slap away and take the ball.

What do you do if the ball goes out of bounds in basketball?

The referee will get it, give it to the opponent and it will be their turn to get the ball and pass it to a teamate.

Is it considered a steal in basketball when there is a jump ball and change of possession?

If they actual jump ball takes place then yes. If the jump ball results in an alternating possession then no steal is awarded.

Can you hit opponent ball to hit eight ball in?

No. In 8 Ball, a player is not allowed to hit an opponent's ball with the cue ball first, however the player may hit his ball first, THEN into an opponent's ball, to sink the 8 ball, so long as the player calls that combination.

What sentence is for conceal about basketball?

When playing basketball, it is important to conceal the ball from your opponents who would try to steal it from you.

Did basketball players dribble the ball when it was first created?

When basketball was first created players were not allowed to dribble the ball.

Is it a foul in basketball to throw the ball over you opponent then catch it on the other side?


What is it called when you're dribbling a basketball and the defense takes the ball away from you?

A steal.

Which player gets credited with a steal in basketball the player who tips the ball or the player who grabs the tipped ball?

The player who tips the ball.

If you save the ball in basketball are you allowed to touch it?


Is it a foul on basketball to snatch the ball away and fling you to the ground?

It is a foul to snatch the ball away if it is in your opponent's hands

Is the oppponent aloud to push an opponent away to get the ball in soccer?

A player is allowed to shoulder push or use his/her body to block/shield the ball, but he/she is not allowed to use his/her hands to push an opponent away or else that will be a foul.

What is a sentence for pivots?

The basketball player had to pivot with the ball to keep it away from the opponent.

N basketball can you take the ball from your opponent's hand?

Yes, as long as you don't hit or shove to get it.

In basketball can a player knock the ball from another players hands?

Yes it's called a steal.

What are five rules of the game of handball?

The Five Rules of Handball are: A player is NOT allowed . . . To endanger an opponent with the ball. To pull, hit or punch the ball out of the hands of an opponent. To contact the ball below the knee. To dive on the floor for a rolling or stationary ball.