Best Answer, yes. Upon checkmate, the losing opponent forfeits the game. HENCE, the symbolism of knocking the king over. He is laying over and conceding.

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Q: Are you allowed to kill the oppenent's king in chess?
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What pieces can kill a king in chess?

anything but a king

Can a king kill a figure if the king is not check in chess?


What do you do in the game chess?

plan to kill king

Can a king kill a king in the game of chess?

yes, if your king is protected by other chess pieces but that's called getting a checkmate if you capture a king by a king

Can the queen kill the king at chess?

Yes , the queen can capture the king and this ends the game since the king's capture is the goal of the game of chess .

Can a king kill a pawn in chess?

Absolutely, as long as it does not put the king in check.

What is the object of chess?

to capture (not kill) the opponent king.

Are you allowed to move all the pieces in chess while your in check?

No , in keeping with the rules of chess the king must move out of check .

Can a pawn kill capture or checkmate a king in chess?

Yes, it can kill, or rather capture/checkmate a king in chess. A pawn can capture any other piece on the board. A king can be checkmated by any other piece on the board except by the other king.

What do the pieces of chess mean?

The pieces in the chess are your army your job is to destroy the other persons king. If you kill the king then you have won the game. If you have killed the other person's army but not the king and he kills your king before you can kill their then they have still won the game. Make your moves wisely you don't want your king killed.

In the game of chess if it is not a king can it kill a king?

In chess, any piece may capture any other piece except the king, which can only be checkmated (in check with no square to escape). Even the lowly pawn can checkmate the King.

Can you strait forward kill the king with the queen in chess?

No, because before you kill the king, but you're about to after your opponent's turn, they must get out of check because your queen is checking the king. In other words, they must use their own chess pieces to block the queen or they can move the king into a different spot that is not checked.

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