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no, nor touch the bottom of the pool or the Water Polo goals, this will lead to a foul. when you swim for the ball at the start, you must be out 2 meters, not touching the sides.

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No of course not.

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Q: Are you allowed to hold onto the side of the pool in water polo?
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What do water polo players wear?

Water polo players wear caps that protect their ears from injury if they get hit by a fast ball. The caps also help identify players and teams: The home team wears dark caps, away team wears light caps. Goalkeepers wear red caps. Each player also has a number on their cap to identify them like other sports feature on jerseys.

Are players allowed to touch the bottom of the pool while doing a water polo match?

No. During a water polo match, touching the bottom of the pool is considered a foul, and will be called as such. The term used is: "Off the bottom." This will cause the team to lose the ball and cause a turn-over.

Is the goalkeeper allowed to use both hand when playing the ball in water polo?


Are you allowed to touch the bottom of the pool in a water polo match?

No, no player can touch the bottom or sides of the pool during play - the water polo pool is a minimum of 1.8 meters deep Technically no, as an official water polo pool is a minimum of 1.8 meters deep. However, in some situations, such as in high school polo, this is not met. According to FINA rule 20.5, it is a foul "To take any active part in the game when standing on the floor of the pool, to walk when play is in progress or to jump from the floor of the pool to play the ball or tackle an opponent. This Rule shall not apply to the goalkeeper while within the goalkeeper's 5 metre area." Therefore, it is legal for a goalie to touch the bottom of the pool.

What equipment did atheletes use for water polo in 1900 compared to 2008?

Water polo is a fairly simple sport in terms of the equipment used, there have been improvements over the last 100 years in water polo equipment: * the ball was originally made of leather which absorbed water during the match, it is now a rubber ball which is earier to grip * trunks were originally cotton or wool causing a lot of drag in the water, modern trunks are rubberised material which causes less drag and are harder for the opposition to hold onto

Can a water polo player hold up both hands when defending?

No, not under FINA rules.