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Q: Are you allowed to have tinted visors in pop warner?
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What are the Pop Warner rules regarding visors?

The referee must be able to see through the visor some ref's are more leniant and some will make u take them off

How many games are you allowed to miss for pop warner?

you are allowed to miss two games. If you miss more, you are not allowed to participate in competition.

How many hours of practice per week allowed in pop warner?

about only 8. no more.

Where can you find the rules and regs for pop warner football?

You can find the Pop Warner rule book online. Click the Related Link below and it will take you to the Pop Warner website where you can down load the rule book.

What drills are illegal in pop warner football?

i am trying to find out if the hamburger drill is an illegal drill in pop warner football

When was Pop Warner Little Scholars created?

Pop Warner Little Scholars was created in 1929.

Is dejhon brooks a pop warner legend?

Yes dejhon brooks (DJ) was the best runningback in pop warner ever, he was better than Cody Paul. He led the highland hawks to the finals,and he is the quickest in pop warner. (The Best)

Where can one purchase a Pop Warner football?

You can purchase a Pop Warner football from retailers such as Amazon. Once on the website, type "Pop Warner Football" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the product.

Is blitzing allowed at the Pop Warner E team level?

When i played it was and that was only a few years ago and we had like 4-5 different blits plays

What Pop Warner football is bigger Pee Wee or junior?

Pee Wee in slightly bigger than junior football in pop warner

What are Pop warner rules about cut blocking?

Pop Warner rules are the same as high school. CUT blocking is allowed in the FREE BLOCKING ZONE. A CUT block is a 1 on 1 block between and blocker and defender below the waist. A CHOP block is illegal. This is a block that is a HI/LO situation where it is 2 on 1.

Are screw on cleats illegal in Pop Warner Football?

It depends if the screw in cleats r metal or hard plastic type Pop Warner doesnt allow metal cleats.