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I don't think so. If people brought there own food all the time there would be no need for the food stands. So no, I don't believe you can. - WRONG

Food Brought into Dodger Stadium

Food is permitted from outside the stadium provided it is not in bottles, cans, coolers or thermoses. Unbroken, factory sealed plastic bottles of water and other non-Alcoholic Beverages of 1 liter or less are permitted.

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Q: Are you allowed to bring food into dodger stadium?
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Are you allowed to bring food into Busch Stadium?


Can you bring snacks into Gillette Stadium?

See the link for details. Food and beverages are not allowed.

Can a person bring food into Los Angeles Angels Anaheim Stadium?

According to the Angels' Stadium regulations, fans and watchers of the game can bring in food as well as other beverages however bulk quantities of food will be at Angel Stadium of Anaheim's discretion. Water Bottles are only allowed if they're store bought clear plastic bottles that are no larger than 1 liter however alcholic beverages are not allowed into the stadium and other bottles, cans, thermoses and glass containers aren't allowed in.

What do you bring to a soccer tournament?

Money and a camera. if the stadium alows you, you can bring some food or buy from the stadium. Make sure you bring/buy water!

What food are you allowed to bring into Australia?

What food are you allowed to take into australia

Can food be brought into the cardinal stadium?

Outdoor food and drink is not allowed in the Cardinals stadium. Concessions can be purchased at the stands and restaurants inside.

What can you bring into St. Louis Cardinals stadium?

You can bring food and drink, just not alcohol.

Is there a food court at dodger stadium on the top deck that has subway?

No, there isn't. They don't serve Subway at Dodger Stadium. Last year, they were selling sub sandwiches. They stopped this year. however, they do have a small selection at Canter's. You can find one on the third baseline side, by section 45 on the field. Or you can check an issue of the Dodgers' magazine to see if they have one on the reserve level. If you have a top deck ticket, the lowest level you can go for food is the reserve level.

Can you bring your own food into Yankee Stadium?

Yes, you can. But as far as bottles (glass & plastic) and cans, they are not allowed. The only exception made, is for factory sealed 1 liter or smaller water bottles.

Can i bring food in to Angel stadium of Anaheim?

Don't think so. They are restricting items.

Why are you not allowed to bring food or drinks into the laboratory?

you are not allowed to because you could spill and get some food into chemicals and could cause an accident

Are you allowed to carry food into NY Giants Stadium?

Went to a game last Sunday when Giants played Tenn. and their were tons of people bringing in bags with food, I think they don't allow drinks but I'm sure you can bring snacks. I'm definitely doing it next time the food there is so expensive.

Are you allowed to bring food or powdered drinks on a plane?


Can you bring food to a Jonas brothers concert?

Every concert stadium is different; if they allow you to bring your own food and drinks, then sure. But sometimes they don't allow any food or drinks, unless you buy it from their concession stands.

Are you allowed to bring food on a plane?

Yes. If you bring things from home like liquids there maybe restrictions. I would suggest that you buy the foods and snacks after you have been through security to make sure you are absolutely allowed to bring it on.

Are you allowed to bring food into Disneyland?

No but munchies and drinks are ok

Bring bread to the US from Canada?

Generally, you are allowed to bring food such as bread to the US from Canada. There are other foods however that are not permitted.

Are you allowed to bring food into Disneyland park?

No but munchies and drinks are ok

Is take with you food allowed on Delta Airline domestic flights?

Yes you can always bring on board your own food on Delta.

Are you allowed to bring your own drinks on an Amtrak train?

Amtrak allows you to bring your own food and beverages onto the train. However, you are not allowed to drink your own alcoholic beverages in any public place, this is only allowed inside a sleeping car.

What should not be allowed in a lab?

Food and drinks. There are many chemicals in the lab, if you bring food inside then eat or drink it then the food could be poisoned, or chemicalized.

Are you allowed to bring armour to a champion fight on rs in champion guild?

Actually, no, not even food...

What foods are you not allowed to bring into Malaysia?

You can bring food into Malaysia, but some foods require an additional tax. Foods brought into Malaysia must be reported to customs.

Can dried pasta or canned food be taken into South Africa?

When you are travelling into another country, you will have to pay attention to the items that you are allowed to bring into your destination. If you are travelling to South Africa, you can bring dry sealed packaged food.

Are you allowed to bring food to TD Banknorth Garden Boston?

Absolutely NOT! No food or drink is allowed to be carried into The Garden. How the heck do you think they are going to afford to pay the players the big salaries if you do not buy their over priced hotdogs?