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Q: Are you a good pitcher for your age if your 12 throw 70mph and accurate?
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What are good strategies for a pitcher?

Good strategies for a pitcher at any level are; throwing strikes, every successful pitcher must throw strikes to be effective. Keep the ball in the lower half of the strike zone, especially with off speed pitches. Finally its very important to work ahead, or throw strikes early in the at bat, that puts the pitcher in control and allows him to throw what he wants where he wants.

What is a good time for catchers throw from home to second base?

When the runner on first steals to second base and the pitcher has already pitched the ball, the catcher should throw the ball from home to second to get the runner who is stealing out. ^^^lololol no. Unless the pitcher's throwing a fastball the runner has a good chance of making it.

Skills of playing rounders?

To be good at rounders you have to be a very good catcher, have a good aim, throw quite far and accurate. You also have to be quite fast to get a full rounders.

What height should you pitch to for girls u12 fast pitch softball?

it depends on how fast you throw it and if you can throw strikes i would say from 4'11 or above but you dont have to be tall to be a good pitcher it just helps

What is the average speed of a little league pitcher?

between 45-60mph depending on the age of the youngster. If you have a 12 year old that can throw between 60-70mph and has good placement on his pitches, you can almost guarantee by the time he is a freshman or sophomore in high school, he'll be throwing about 75-80 mph and college scouts will be at every game he pitches. He will also need to have a breaking ball and a change-up to work on by then.

Who is better at pitching?

yo that savage Richard thayer is a savage, josh is a nasty pitcher but Richard beats him on that one..... josh your a good pitcher go throw a tantrume somewhere because we all know your gonna bye.

How do you pitch hard and accurately?

Good pitching doesnt come over night, you have to practice allmost every day!! I do, and I've gotten to be a very accurate pitcher!!

What is the average pitching speed for the age of 15?

Probably around 80-85 miles per hour for a good pitcher. The very fastest can probably throw 90. An average pitcher I would guess around 80 mph.

Does a pitcher pitch good or pitch well?

A good pitcher pitches well.

How do you pitch fast i am a 14 year old pitcher who throws mid 40s but am very accurate i pitched really well and have a very good curve ball i just really need to work on speed?

im 12 and i throw 60 i throw fast because i use my leg strength and whip my arm as fast as i can but the most important factor is your hips and how you turn them. but really throwing strikes is more important then speed. speed is just a thing everyone talks about. it also helps if you throw a good changeup to back up your fastball

What is a good distance for a ten year old pitcher to throw?

In the little league in my town for 10-12 year olds the distance is 45 feet I hope this helps

Is a 50 percent strike ratio good for a pitcher in little league?

I would think it's okay. It really depends on how many pitches you throw. If you throw very few (2-49) then 50% isn't great however if you throw a lot (50+) 50% isn't bad at all.

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