Are you a fast swimmer

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Yes, I am a fast swimmer, thanks for asking!

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Q: Are you a fast swimmer
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How fast can you swim?

It depends on how fast of a swimmer you are.

Is Zach a fast swimmer?

Of course he is

How fast do you have to swim to be an Olympic swimmer?


What animal is a fast swimmer and a lumberjack?

A beaver.

How many seconds would it take one professional swimmer to swim all sides of a pool?

it depends how fast the swimmer is

Is a cuttle fish a fast swimmer?

as a baby no, but once it grows it will be

Is a cuttlefish a fast swimmer?

yes. they have to be to get away from other anamals to not get killed...

Is the cuttlefish a fast swimmer?

Yes they are according to all of the sites i have looked at! : )

Who is the best lady swimmer in the world?

This is an opinion, but I've always liked Natalie Coughlin as a swimmer. Her technique is great and her times are fast, too.

How fast can leopards swim?

The leopard is a good and strong swimmer. Exactly how fast they swim is not listed but they fair better in the water than tigers and lions.

Why is swimming famous in Australia?

You'd be a fast swimmer too, if you had to swim with man eating sharks and crocodiles.

How many hours will it take to walk 10 miles?

It depends on how much energy you have, how fast you swim, what stroke you use.... Add: Anywhere from 16500-30000 minutes