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personally i think that Yorkie are easier to train. I have a Yorkie i got him when he was a puppy he pretty easy to train. but after they are about 6 or 7 years old they are really hard to train.

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Q: Are yorkies or boxers easier to train?
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Are Boxer dogs easy to train?

Generally yes. Boxers are keen learners and eager to please so training is easier with this breed compared to others.

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well, its your opinion. my favorite cute dogs are boxers (because i have one) or yorkies. i like yorkies because they are adorable and small but other people can think that they are ugly

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I can not tell you what all yorkies sound like, but usually they have a very high pitch and loud bark. My yorkie specificaly has sort of a purring sound. To narrow it down he sounds a little like gizmo on the movie Gremlins!! :)

What do yorkies eat in the wild?

Yorkies are pets. There are no wild yorkies to eat anything.

If my boxers have puppies and i keep them aand raise them will i have chaos in my house?

If your boxers have puppies and you keep and raise them, you may have chaos in your house. You need to make sure to train all of the dogs properly with consistency.