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some of em

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โˆ™ 2007-12-27 23:10:14
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Q: Are wwes divas breast fake
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Are melina's breasts real?

They are fake. The WWE makes most of their divas get breast implants but the WWE pays for the surgery.

Why is Jeff hardy in tna if he left WWE?

because wwes fake, sos tna but its not as fake

Is WWE divas fake?

wwe divas is fake because they dont even hit each other

Which WWE divas breast are fake?

It's easier if you ask "Which WWE Divas breast are real" Well, I would say Michelle McCool, Katie Lea Burchill, Natalya, Gail Kim (not so sure about her), The Bella twins, Sunny, Lita and Victoria (even though they're not a part of WWE anymore) and maybe Kelly Kelly. Fake boobs can't move and the boobs of these Divas above can actually move. I'm absolutely positive about McCool, Katie Lea, Nattie and the former WWE Divas I mentioned.

Do the WWE divas have fake hair?


Are Ashley Massaro's breast fake?

I think she has had a breast inplant.

How can you get fake breast?

wear to buy fake breast, also get a guy to motorboat your breat, NO JOKE IT ACUTALLY WORKS MY BREAST BRA SIZE IS A DD IT USED TO BE A D

What is fake about Nicki Minaj?

well she has a fake nose , breast , and , butt .

Which have the biggest breast WWE divas?

kelly kelly , torrie wilson ,maria , stacy

Are Brooklyn decker's breast fake?

It is.

Where is WWEs sandman?

In jail

Is wwes edge a father?


Is wwes sabu dead?


Her breast suddenly went flat?

They were fake.

Does lacy chabert have fake breast?


How old is wwes sheamus?


Are kim kardashians breast fake?

Not sher..................................................................................................................Bye

How old is WWEs Nikki Bella?


Britney Arianna breast fake or real?

As real as they get! Lol

Who has the biggest fake breast in the world?

marylyn munroe in neon.

Are brittanya ocampo breast fake?

Yes, Brittanya O'Campo had breast augmentation as well as butt implants and lip injections.

Where is WWEs Undertaker?

he's recovering from a shoulder injury.

Where is WWEs bic daddy v?

wrestling in japan

Are the wwes carlito and primo really brothers?


Is sherri martel related to wwes rick martel?