Are west brom good at football?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Q: Are west brom good at football?
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What is west brom's football stadium called?

The Hawthorns.

Are West Brom Good?


Where is great barr harriers football club?

West brom

What football team does Julie Walters support?

west brom

What football clubs have been relegated?

In the E.P.L it is NewCastle United, West Brom, Middllesbrough.

Which premiership football team plays at the hawthorns stadium?

West Brom play at the Hawthorns

Is walsall the highest football club above sea level?

pretty sure its west brom

Who is the coach of the Hawthorn football team?

Hawthorns is the name of the ground West Bromwich Albion play at. The West Brom manager is Tony Mowbray.

Who was manager at wolves west brom and Aston villa?

Ron Atkinson and he is now director of football at halesowen town

Which football stadium start with the name The?

Probably many but the team name that comes into your head first is West Brom - The Hawthorns.

Who is going to win Arsenal or West Brom?

Of corse West Brom their the best team ever and they have already beaten them

What is wolverhamptons rivals?

west brom