Are west 49 longboards good

Updated: 12/4/2022
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Q: Are west 49 longboards good
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Is west 49 a good shop?

Yes! It's an awesome store!

How does wheel size work with longboards?

Anything around 62mm or more is good

Where can you buy good quality skateboards in belleville Ontario Canada?

west 49

What store dou you get good skateboards?

West 49, or any local skateboarding store

Are krown longboards good?

They can be fun, but regular skateboards are better for tricks and getting some air

Where can you buy longboards in Canada?

probably the internet. Google search NordBoards that's a really good cheap website with good brands.

What company sells the cheapest longboards?

Sector 9 sells the cheapest boards, but they are also the known worst brand in the long-boarding community. For a good reliable, and moderately priced board, i'd hit up Lanyatchz Longboards.

Does orangatang make longboards?


How much does a west 49 all access pass cost?

The West 49 all access pass costs 10$ Canadian dollars :) it's good for earning money in your piggy bank and it will keep gaining money everytime you purchase somthing from the west 49 store. It can also be used for discounts inside the store and also in different stores such as Kernels and New york Fries :P it's a really good deal :)

Are redz bearings compatible with longboards?

yes, any standard skate bearing is compatible with longboards, they both use the same bearings

Does anyone have an ehlers longboards coupon code?

Hi We do not offer them anymore we decided to discount everything. Ryan Ehlers Ehlers Longboards

What are some good skate shops?

Freeride, West 49, Mojoz, etc. I don't know if these are Canadian only, but they are in Canada.